Experience the amazing OS launcher with iLauncher 12 style phone Xs Max

Experience the amazing OS launcher with iLauncher 12 style phone Xs Max

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iLauncher is returning in 2018 for the new upcoming phone X, phone Xs Max, phone X R and OS phone. iLauncher X 12 2018 is the best launcher for OS 12 like experience on Android smart phones. With launcher, you will be able to customize your android phone style to make it look like phone Xs and OS phone OS style.
iLauncher 12 2018 for phone Xs, phone Xs Max, phone X R  and OS phone is a stylish, intelligent & customisable application for your Android phone, it is one of the fastest and easiest to use launchers in the market, but more beautiful. All this to give you an amazing experience.

The power and memory efficiency of this launcher make it cooler than other phone Xs and OS phone theme applications. This application consumes no battery and increase mobile idle time.
Android launcher applications have long been an integral part of the android experience. You are using native launcher your phone, but you don’t like the way your home screen look or act and you like the phone Xs and OS phone new look, you want to experience OS 12 launcher and smart control style on your phone but you cannot afford one. You are looking for an  phone Xs and OS phone Launcher application for your android phone. Our  Launcher – iLauncher Xs Max 12 application is the best choice you have. You can simply download iLauncher Xs 12 tochange it all.
Launcher will make your android phone look like an phone Xs and OS phone with OS 12 theme. With iLauncher, we transfer the personal layout of your android phone to look like phone Xs and OS phone layout. Make your friends surprised with the new screen of your phone.
Download iLauncher now and join the fun! More interesting functions will be coming soon!
iLauncher 12 for phone Xs and OS phone – OS 12 other features:

– NEW OS 12 Style Control Center
– Smart Swipe down search screen
– Beautiful Wallpaper to decorate your screen
– Custom icon pack for many app
– Power efficient
– Support lock screen for phone 8, phone Xs
– Enable simple, Swipe Lock, Pattern Lock.
– OS Search: Last used app, searches including apps, contacts, etc;
– Search for applications or web
– OS Market: Gathered the world’s hottest and latest games and apps
– OS Booster: Clear the memory to make your phone run faster
– Simulates best OS 12 Lock Screen
– Set PIN with keypad lock to enhance screen lock security
– Consume less memory and battery, simple and clean design
– Press and Hold to Uninstall Apps
– Sliding screen effect, icons, themes, wallpapers
– Quick Touch
– QHD and WQHD wallpaper
– iControl – LockScreen style for OS 12
– Fast, convenient, time-saving, one touch tasks


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