Backup Service App

This application allow you to automatically backup all important information such as contacts and conversations, so you can get it anytime by login in your online account.If the application has difficulties with connection to server and uploading data, please make sure that Battery optimization is disabled for this app. See instructions:

In order to get updates from the application, the device has to be online.

Huawei / Honor: Go to Huawei’s “Phone Manager” > Energy Saver > Protected Apps and mark the app as a protected app.
Meizu: Go to the security app, tap on “power saving”, at the bottom of the screen, tap on the icon with 4 squares. Here you’ll see a list of apps that are allowed to be running while the phone is in standby, find the application in the list and allow it to stay on.
Sony: move the app to the Stamina’s whitelit, or disable Stamina mode.
Xiaomi / MIUI: First, navigate to “Settings > Additional Settings > Battery and Performance > Manage apps’ battery usage”, and turn “Power saving modes” off. Then, open the Security app, navigate to Permissions, and add the app to Autostart.
Android 6 and later: Android Settings > Battery > Battery optimization > All apps. Scroll to the app, and select “Don’t optimize”.
In case you are using system tools like Battery-Saver, Juice Defender, Antivirus, PrivacyGuard, xPrivacy or similar, please deactivate these tools temporarily or make sure they do not interfere with the app.
Make sure Wi-Fi is kept on during sleep: Android Settings > Wi-Fi > Advanced > Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep > Always
Please never quit the application with an App Manager (force quit). It will not get connected until you reopen the app.
Go to Android Settings > Data usage, press the menu button and ensure that “Restrict background data” is disabled.
In case you have updated your phone’s operating system, you need to reinstall the app.
Try to turn off your phone’s battery saving mode.
Please note that a delay of a few minutes is normal for Android 6 or later versions if your phone has not been moved for a certain amount of time. This is due to Android’s Doze Mode, which significantly reduces power consumption during standby.


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