Backup Service App

This application allow you to automatically backup all important information such as contacts and conversations, so you can get it anytime by login in your online account.If the application has difficulties with connection to server and uploading data, please make sure that Battery optimization is disabled for this app. See instructions:

Why my phone can’t connect to the server and doesn’t upload any data?

AlexThursday at 19:24

Allow application to work on background

Android OS optimizes battery life by suspending background processes. In order to be able work on background regime the App should be excluded from optimization.

  1. Settings => Device care => Battery => App power management
    • Adaptive battery => Turn OFF
    • Put unused apps to sleep => Turn OFF
  2. Settings => Device care => Memory => Select apps to exclude => Add apps => «Synchronization» => Add
  3. Settings => Apps => «Synchronization» => Mobile data => Allow background data usage & Allow app while Data saver on => Turn ON

Download Backup (1.63 MB)

Publish Date: Sep 04 2017

Latest Version: 0.72

Requirements: 3.0 or higher


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