Iamo Bazaar App

IAMO BAZAAR is a aggregator business for online and offline vendor.

IAMO BAZAAR is a aggregator business. It provides business to its registered offline store. It may be any product or service; it may be urban or rural area. It may be small market or big market. It may be small store or big store.

After giving business IAMO BAZAAR is also taking certain commission against its provided business. Commission is variable for each category of store. Ex. grocessary-2%, garments-4%, Gold-1%, any service-10% But IAMO BAZAAR is distributing its 96% commission to its consumer through a systematic cash back plan.

Anybody can be a consumer of IAMO BAZAAR by providing only name, mobile number and his/her MLA constituency. No registration fees, no renewal, no mandatory purchase has needed for getting any benefits. To get cash back benefits consumers has only to give id number to store owner.

Consumers can earn lots of benefit here in IAMO Bazaar platform.

Spot Cashback: 0.25% TO 15% Spot Cashback from your own Expenditure from IAMO Bazaar listed Offline Store.

Global Cashback: Each consumer will get a serial number after his/her each expenditure through IAMO Bazaar. Each consumer will get 10% of spot Cashback from next 3 serial numbers after his/ her serial number.

Monthly Scratch Card: Each consumer will get one scratch card from his/her each Rs.5000 expenditure from IAMO Bazaar listed store in a calendar month . Through this scratch card he/she will must get either Rs10 or Rs100 or Rs 1000 or Rs 10000.

Consumer Referral Bonus: Each consumer will get commission from his referral teams Spot Cashback through IAMO Bazaar listed store till 5 th label. (1 st Label 5% , 2 nd Label 2%, 3 rd to 5 th Label 1%).

Store Referral Bonus: Each consumer will get 5% of Spot Cashback from his/her direct referred Store and 1% of Spot Cashback from his/her 2 nd to 5 th lable consumers referred Store.


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