Students can get a loan of up to Rs 10,000 to buy a mobile phone, no interest, first time students will get it, know how to apply

Muthoot offers interest free loans to students

All around us we have seen the situation where many students are struggling without mobile phones and laptops as education is all online during the Kovid era. It is an indisputable fact that even a year after starting online classes, there are still such students. Muthoot, a leading financial institution, is preparing a solution to this crisis.

Muthoot Fincorp is launching the Restart India Vidyadhan Gold Loan, a new loan scheme for students who do not have the tools needed for online education to purchase mobile devices such as mobile phones and tabs. A maximum of Rs 10,000 can be earned in this way. The loan will be sanctioned for a period of six months. No interest is required for the first three months. Apply for the loan along with a copy of the student’s ID card. Contact the nearest Muthoot Bank for more information and application form.

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