You know the legend of Ronaldinho.

RONALDINHO GAUCHO RONALDO DE ASIS MORIERA In short, “Deinchio” or my Asan .. Deiongio is the drunken as you know it.
 Born on March 21, 1980, the son of Jordi Asis Moreira and saleswoman Dona, a shipbuilder in Puerto Alegre, Brazil, he was born on March 21, 1980.  , Fluency and Corinthians  He was also the star of the club.?  In 1987, at the age of 7, he was inducted into the youth club of Puerto Alegre’s club, Gramio.  In 1999, he made his debut for Gramio’s senior team at the 99 A.M. in Brazil, appearing in the 1997 Brazilian champions Under-17 World Cup in Egypt, signaling that he would one day rule the football world.  Copa Amക്ric with the best performance in the Under-20 World Cup  He made his debut in the Confederations Cup final in Brazil the same year.  Wah  It was in this tournament that I saw the first World Cup with his senior team and the “Jinjin ‘disciple”, who was the disciple of Deinchio, played the stadium with his long hair and his teeth.  In Scholari’s training, under the leadership of Kafu, Lucio, Roberto Carlos, Kaka, Rivaldo, Ronaldo, Dida, and Zunino, defeated Germany in their first World Cup.  Something in that mind
 Surrender ..!  Since that time I have had many thoughts in my mind that he was born in Argentina beyond the borders.  The time when Real tries to get DeNjio to the floor.  Barcelona have appeared for David Beckham and Real Madrid for DeNucio.  However, with a trade-worthy take on Real Beckham, he coincidentally came to my favorite club, Barcelona, ​​which was collapsing from collapse to collapse. On his previous voyage, Barcelona, ​​which had been terrified of many a club by Barcelona  .. from the moment Chelsea won the same reanaldinnyeayute mikavilayirunnu started nrttacuvatukal guy in front of the iconic predator, a Capoeira abhyasiyute pratireadhanirakku involved in karvaleayum Stafford Terrier Bridge in 2005 .. iniyesrrakku pass the ball to easily check ceyyumennayirikkum goalkeeper Peter thought teriyumeakke  Another possibility is seen by the cunning way to coach ttuntavuka .. .. merinneayum with expectations, but ivaruteyeakke he was standing in the wind, striking the ball in his valatukalinre a nulpalattiluteyenneanam valayilettikkumpeal the best goal keepers in the world, with the thumb on the route and others believe that the Czech by Peter ..!  There was no helplessness and despair in his eyes.  Chelsea gazed at the man who had surrounded the grounds, cheering him on, giggling white with his hands in front of the galleries. Chelsea had one of the best defenses in the world at that time, which is why DeAngelo jumped out of the studio with such ease.  Football legend, Diego Maradona celebrated with the goal …
 Two months later Ramos, Guti, Helgwaira and Roberto Carlos dribbled to the left with Santiago Bernabeu at the El Cl ക്ലാസsico 8 months later.  Isvasaniyamam as something of a stigma Cassian avamatikkappetukayayirunnu.minnalppinar sambhaviccatinre nettalil the kasiyas’sinre face in front of each madridukaranum.tanre compatriots in the head, the feet in the manner of looking at the trick, he gave Fabien nis’sahayatayeate .. Before, it was so rare after successful ..  Madridukar kutippakappearattattineatuvil the largest in the history of kaiyyaticcu from all up ..!  The first time in the history of the Bernabeu, after the Maradona, the Madridians gave a standing ovation to a Barca player.
 In the world of statistics, DeAngelo is far behind Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.  It was a day and a day of celebration .. Bitter, bikini-clad girls, dancing, music, and football.  Ronaldinho was standing with his kariyarineat iyuteyum or is the truth .. but the sincerity of the show and part of the same blood dinnyeayilum seen most of the Brazilian playelsinreyum veins .. During one of Pep Guardiola as Barcelona’s all-time best keaccumaril rave parties and the lack of alcohol in his abilities  And an endless anantannalilekkum through dinnyeaye where the .. Italian club AC Milan through to the temperament in Europe began in the last 3 years kariyarinitayil time to play, Milan Moderately navil Camp Trophy match in 2010 balsaykketire Gambia, Barcelona, ​​Milan and Jersey, with the players, come and posed for photos with Winnie lainappinre  Stopped and called Captain Pujol was celebrated with the purchase of lsinulla dinnyeaye co-tarannalumeatt Trophy Trophy, Barcelona, ​​Barcelona fans have bought together, the club announced nimisannalayirunnu entanennumeakke who dinnyea balsaykk adariccatumeakke the Standing ovesan dinnyeakk .. In the meantime, the 2006 World Cup for Brazil  The truth is that the only stain eale were able to achieve even provocative position who felt the team for the World Cup 2010 in Brazil and Mexico .. A c 4 years later matannukayuntayi from Milan to Brazil in 2011, and 4 and hit the ball for the teams ended the career Discovered the joy of bhakamakki phutsalinre a later time  DeAngeo is part of a team that won under-19 World Cups, a Copa America, a Confederations Cup, an Under-17 World Cup and an Under-17 South American Championship, with 200 goals in 538 appearances in his 19-year career that began in under-17s in 1996.  He has won 2 FIFA the Best and 1 Balance d’Or  Kamarnnatakkan parriyittunt .. but the set-piece akkurasiyil former pantiyiluntayittum superb driblin ebilirriyum, Radek, who comes to meet the kind of tricking trikkukal hand to seize the no-looking-over-head pasukaliluteyum kikkukaliluteyumeakke dinnyea trasippicca credited with only a few fans justice to his technical value skilsilute kalivukaleat  And even if you suspect that Nisha went after parties, you can’t go wrong.
 Whatever the case, the fans started wondering who would take over the Barcelona side after the crash and gave the Barcelona an assist for the first goal, then hopped on the shoulder and cheered and looked like a kunai and turned the shade of Messi into the growth that Messi sees today.  
 DeAngelo is a gin who has conquered the football world with his extraordinary talent.
 The man who made so many of us fall in love with football..⚽️💕💝
 ✍️ .. the disciple of DeAngelo

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