Corona dealt with the patient. In Kasaragod MLA Mar Isolation Ward!

Two MLAs from Kasaragod decided to switch to self-isolation after it was discovered that they were dealing with a patient diagnosed with Kovid in the district.  Kasargod MLA NNA Nellikkunnu and Manjeswaram MLA MK Khamaruddin switched to Isolation.
 It is clear that Kovid was seen and handed over to a confirmed patient at a wedding and a public event.
 The state government said that Kovid was confirmed for the second time in Kasargod district.  He was met by Manjeswaram MLA Khameruddin at a wedding ceremony.  There, he shook hands with Qamaruddin and spoke from a nearby place.  The patient also participated in another public event.  There, the patient was seen talking to MLA NLA Nellikunil of Kasargod.
 He left for Dubai on February 11 at the Calicut International Airport, Calicut.  On the 12th Maveli Express arrived at Kasaragod.
 He was with Kasarak from the 12th to the 17th.  In the meantime the patient has participated in several public events.  She attended two weddings, played a football match, and attended another public event.  The Kasaragod district administration has made it clear that preparing his route map would be a daunting task.

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