WhatsApp To Know About The Corona Virus

Iran is one of the countries most affected by the coronavirus attack.  As of Tuesday, the casualties were 291.  Iran now has the world’s third-highest death toll.  Iran’s government has taken stringent measures to stop the spread of the virus.  They have shut down schools, used mosquitoes to dismantle mosques, and urged them not to hold conferences.  They also launched Google’s Android Play Store, an app that lets individuals know if they are infected with coronavirus.  The Iran App was launched to test itself without relying on a hospital.  However, reports say that this app has been taken care of by Google.  Why is Google so inhuman?  Or is there a story in it?

 Google’s official interpretation is that it was taken down because of “misleading claims” in the Iranian app.  The app claims that it has the ability to check for Kovid-19.  But Google says it’s impossible to do it with an app.

 This app was first introduced on the internet.  It was already argued that the government had sent Iran to monitor its people.  However, a malware researcher, Lucas Stefanco, looked at it and found nothing.  His discovery was that there was nothing more to it than the usual apps hiding its users.

 He says this app is not a malicious Trojan or spyware.  He also certifies that the permissions required by the app are only required for regular health apps.  However, the concern about the purpose of the app was raised when it was revealed that it was the creator of the app.  It was launched by a group called Smartland Strategy.  Spyware was allegedly found in the apps of this group.  All these apps were made for the Iranian government.  Google did not provide a more explicit answer as to why Iran’s app was taken away.

 However, Google did not admit that the app was removed because it contained spyware.  However, Google has responded earlier that the app was taken down because of an ongoing claim that the user could find Coronavirus.  AAP is also trying to come up with conclusions that doctors will come up with after asking a few questions.  Google says it won’t allow it.  Hope the app gets the playstoril soon

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