10 Best Air Fryer In India-2019 Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Are you looking for buying best Air Fryer? If you are looking for a safe way to keep enjoying your fries without health complications,Here I have a list of top 10 Air Fryers in the Indian market.

Do you have a weakness for fried foods, despite the fact that you are health conscious? There is a kitchen appliance that can fry food with little or no oil. It is called Air Fryer. You can now enjoy your delicious fried foods without having to engage with a pot of hot boiling oil. Oil free AIR Frying is the solution. It helps you fry your food with very little or no oil at all. This new technology makes use of hot air. You are probably interested in this new technology.

If you are confused on the kind of Air fryer that suits your family, I have liste3d so many best air fryers in India. After going this  article , you will have all the rightful information needed for you to make a good decision regarding the air fryer to purchase.

Thus arranged  the best Air fryers based on its quality, Perfomance and its popularity. I also consider its size well as its price to list the best Air fryers . 


we did a complete review of top 10 best Air fryers in India. After going through this article ,you will have all the rightful information about Air fryer. Later we will give a complete buyer guide on this article and give more details and features given by each brand.

1.Philips HD9220/20 2.2 L Air Fryer

Philips HD 9220/20 2.2 L Air Fryer is the best air fryer available in the food industry. Philips uses Rapid Air Technology, Which is capable of cooking the food with very less amount of oil and hence reduces the amou7nt of oil used to about 80%.

It is a perfect appliance for you if you love to eat fried food but cannot put your health at risk. The Philips Air Fryer comes with rapid Air Technology in which hot air allows evenly through the food and thus the food gets cooked properly using less amount of oil. The Technology and the look of the air fryer have definitely been a reason for success.

Built & Design

Philips HD9220/20 2.2 L Air Fryer is a compact appliance and also comes with definitely new and modern design and the best part is that it does not occupy much space in your kitchen.

It is capable of cooking about 800g raw materials and there is the timer which can be used to cook according to the requirement. The temperature can be adjusted about 200 degrees.  

2.Kenstar Aster 1500-watt Oxy Fryer review

Kenstar has given a different name to its air fryer and has names it oxy fryer. It has power consumption of 1500 watts. This Air fryer has quite a large frying basket of 3L capacity that can suit your quantity needs.

This air fryer is one of the most popular air fryer products ,it has  a wide range of functions such adjustable thermostat for temperature control, timer etc that will exactly give you ammunition as to what you can do with this air fryer. It is also noise free, easy to clean and provides great uniform cooking.

Technical Specifications

Power Consumption1500-watts
Operating Voltage220-240 volts
Height36.5 cm
Width31.5 cm
Cord Length1.2 m
Weight4.9 kg
MaterialPlastic body and easy grip handle
Depth30 cm
Capacity3 Litre
Timer30 minute

 Kenstar is one of the most popular air fryer in the market with top ratings, this product has very good opinions from costumers who have bough it and costs a little lower than its competitor.

3.Prestige Paf 3.0 Air Fryer

Prestige isw another brand that trust is very popular among people. The Prestige is a prestigious brand and is found in every corner of India. Also Prestige Paf is another high-tech air fryer, this air fryer is looking almost perfect in terms of design. t has a capacity of 2L and a power consumption of 1400-watts. This is budget air fryer , with a significantly lower cost than its competitors and this air fryer boasts that it can grill, bake, fry etc.

This air fryer is budget air fryer with significantly less cost than other air fryers and this is also one of the most popular air fryers with extremely positive ratings. Therefore this air fryer has almost all the features such as the nonstick coating on the removable pot that reduces your hassles point out to scrubbing and cleaning.

In addition this air fryer has nice grip handles and weighs less that makes it easier to carry anywhere you go. it is equipped with the latest  timer, thermostat etc for great performance. This product has a warranty of one year so that you don’t have to worry about its working condition.

Power Consumption1400-watts
Operating  Voltage220-240 volts
Height34 cm
Cord Length1 m
MaterialPlastic Body
Depth34 cm


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