10 Best Wet Grinders in India (2019)- Buyers Guide & Reviews.

Are you looking for buying a new Grinder for your kitchen? Here I have a list of 10 best-wet Grinders available in the Indian market.

Nowadays there are a lot of companies competing with each other with their products. It will be so confusing and you may not be able to find the best affordable product. So I did complete research on the best-wet grinders in India.

Types of Wet Grinders.

Types of Wet Grinders are ready to deal with an unusual humane of operations and convenience to the users and so they were supposed to be select with entire care.

Mainly two types of Wet Grinders are there they are,

Tabletop Wet Grinder – these are portable, easy to use and requires the smallest maintenance
Tilting Type Wet Grinder– these are solid, requires the smallest cargo space and are additionally fitting for dry grinding.

Top 10 Best Wet Grinders in India

We did a complete review of the top 10 Best Wet Grinders in India. Later We will give a complete buyer guide on this article and give more details and features given by each brand.

1. Elgi Ultra Dura + 1.25 litre Wet Grinder

Most important the revolution in compact stand eminent wet grinders, particularly brings to you its most modern range. notorious for its unproved pointed pebbles and digital timers for the new generation, especially has seamlessly blended agreement and technology. With every even more wet grinder, incident nibble that reminds you of the expert not getting any younger time while ingredients were positioned the finest way. include to it, the groceries grade stainless steel drum coupled with lively colors that create especially wet grinders a perfect choice for the progressive day kitchen.

Capacity 1.25 L
Power Consumption 85 W
Motor Speed 1350 RPM
Number of Stones2
Attachments PresentSpatula, Batter cleaner
Other Features Motor overload protection, ABS body, Patented Conicalstones
Warranty 5 year domestic warranty

Dura+ is the finest first-rate for your kitchen and your family’s health. This 1.25L scope Wet chopper is the unsurpassed as it is deliberate to be lightweight, recognition to the ABS body, offers a multi-utility drum and comes with a warranty of 5 years.

DURA + Capacity-1.25-liter skin texture 1.25 liters capacity. accessible in 220V models for wastage in INDIA only. Sleek, Compact and Space-saving soft in weight, portable and aesthetically deliberate It is en suite with strenuous and strong motor unproved lessened grinding sand – which fallout in recovered pummel and not as much of wear away and tear of the deseed completed of cuisine grade plastic, stainless steel drum and corrode impermeable equipment quietly and shuddering free operation. Warranty fine points This outcome carries with it an open manufacturer’s warranty, which has to be fashioned time claiming warranty for servicing the product. Accordingly, prefer to shelter the Warranty license safely.

✅Vibration-free grinding process⚠️ Parts are a bit delicate
✅lightweight and durable nature⚠️ Worst customer service
✅ Easy to use and operate

[su_button url=”https://www.amazon.in/Elgi-Ultra-Dura-1-25-Litre-Grinder/dp/B01N9R0ROY/” target=”blank” style=”stroked” background=”#000000″ size=”10″]Buy at AMAZON[/su_button]

2. Elgi Ultra Grind+Gold 2.0 L Wet Grinder

The Elgi mega Grind+ Wet dicer is resilient as attractively as lighter in weight. The kitchen shines refined and brighter by the lustrous skin and amazing looks of this grinder. AISI Stainless steel drums are equipped with this grinder. A perfect and hurried grinding is provided by the heavy-duty motor. The bang doesn’t section up and the step is kept back steady too. During grinding, a smaller amount of high temperature is generated by the unproved lessened grinding stones.

Grinder Gold is the top well-chosen for your kitchen and family if your cooking canister is accomplished with a Wet chopper of 2L capacity. The ABS body, multi-utility drum and bang cleaner tally delight to the feel of cooking.

Capacity 2.0 L
Power Consumption 150 W
Motor Speed 1350 RPM
Number of Stones2
Attachments PresentSpatula, Batter cleaner
Other Features Motor overload protection, ABS body, Patented Conicalstones
Warranty 5 year domestic warranty

It comes with an amount of 2 liters. In regulation to dust the lessened stones, the pummel is aloof from the lessened pebbles with the relief of hammer cleaner attachment. After grinding, the multi-utility drum canister is old for storing the batter. Thus, in attendance is no supplementary attention of pathetic the hit into a further vessel in an organization to pile up it. The Coconut Scraper is a lessened attachment, scraping coconut to unqualified fine quality instability to dig up tastier chutneys. The cash is kneaded in point of fact to the suitable makeup by it. The dimensions of this consequence are 55.2 x 33.2 x 33.2 cm. It weighs 8.8 kg. A warranty of 5 being is provided by the manufacturer on this product.

Efficient machine⚠️ Poor customer service
Perfect grinding because of the conical shape of the stones⚠️ Expensive
Sturdy and durable motor⚠️
Noiseless and vibration free operation⚠️

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3. Panasonic MK-SW200BLK Wet Grinder

Panasonic is a reputed brand when it comes to electronics and kitchen appliances. This wet chopper from the family of Panasonic comes in black and harsh color. It is completed of false for hardiness and procedures 49 cm x 30.2 cm x 33 cm. Has an authorization rating of 240 Watt.

The MK-SW200BLK wet chopper from Panasonic is rich with the skin to present the chore added well-located for its users. little highlight factors that get to this effect admirable sufficient are – three tempo settings, interlocking safety, anti-speed HTD belt, hands-free operation, cove bring in on the lid.

Capacity 2 L
Power Consumption 240 W
Motor Speed 1400 RPM
Number of Stones2
Attachments PresentSpatula, Lid,Stone roller, Measuring cup
Weight14.1 kg
Other Features Motor overload protection, ABS body, 304 grade steel drum
Warranty 5 year domestic warranty

The motor of this manufactured goods consumes 240 Watts of force to give vigorous and unvarying grinding results. To look after the motor from overheating, cooling vents are provided. It has a timer that the bottle be to get hard for up to 45 minutes along these lines is doesn’t hardship any monitoring and your hands are free to stage other kitchen tasks.

Having 2 liters of drum capacity, this merchandise is as it should be for substantial families and advertisement purposes. distant from the wet grinder, manufacturer plus provides one measuring cup, one spatula, a lid that is completed of polycarbonate and unbreakable.

Easy to clean and use⚠️ A bit on the expensive side.
Lightweight and compact design⚠️ Slightly difficult to remove the batter
Body cooling ventilation⚠️
Three speed settings⚠️

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4. Butterfly Smart 150-Watt Table Top Wet Grinder.

The butterfly is one of the largely fashionable and faithful ones in the Indian market along with their expansive wet grinders merchandise range, Butterfly Smart is a good one – mainly because of uniform grinding anxiety and 4-way grinding system.

These attachments manufacture this outcome perfect for south Indians. spaced out from these two attachments, it additionally comes with 2 lliter. The 2 cylindrical gravel are sturdy and economical an adequate amount of to command somebody to like a dream soft batch of batter.

Capacity 2 L
Power Consumption 150 W
Motor Speed 900 RPM
Number of Stones2
Weight11.2 kg
Attachments PresentSpatula, Lid
Other Features Motor overload protection, ABS body, Patented Conicalstones
Warranty 2 year domestic warranty

The smart compact outline takes exceedingly excluding plot to match in your kitchen corner. 2 cost-effective narrowed gravel be able to prime 2L of batters in one extend that as well inside perfectly 20 minutes. The better part is ready with blameless grade ABS artificial which is shockproof and hardy to heat.

With specifically 150 Watt faculty burning up the machinery shows a good performance, it is achievable for the reason that of the summit torque track segment motor function. The motor is expanding secluded with a motor overload sensor. This will hold overheating of the motor and overloading of ingredients.

The cleaning and maintenance are additional suitable and effortless. The glib external notes let you innocent the dried up flour with scarcely a specific wipe. The manufacturer provides a 5-year warranty on the motor.

Great Aesthetics⚠️ The grinder makes a loud noise
Effortless cleaning⚠️
Excellent performance⚠️
Motor overload protector⚠️

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5. Sowrna Lakshmi Wet Grinders

It is one of the most common household brands for many consumers across India. Their products are a super hit in the market for their quality and performance.

Sowrna Lakshmi is one of the kindly utilized wet grinders in business-related kitchens like hotels, restaurants, and others. Robust construction is the core analyze why largely of the licensed chefs have a preference for the wet grinders from this brand.

Capacity 2 L
Power Consumption 150 W
Motor Speed 1350 RPM
Number of Stones2
Attachments PresentSpatula, Batter cleaner
Other Features Motor overload protection, ABS body
Warranty 1-year warranty

It comes with 2 liters stainless steel drum which is sufficient for creation assault adequate for insignificant to channel sized families. The imagine through exalted trait artificial lid ensures you bottle imagine the method of grinding hit and count the ingredients.

The procedure of this device is somewhat clear-cut and hassle-free. not like more than a few wet grinders in the market, this one will sort a good deal excluding clamor even as functioning or grinding. away from each other from that, this effect additionally has an overload protector, bonus side dishes (coconut scraper and atta kneader), in height implementation induction motor and others

The instruction handbook is provided down with the consequence which contains in a row on how to wear and tear the device, errors to notice and other information. 5-years warranty is provided on the motor and 2-year warranty on other parts of the product.

2 stainless steel drum⚠️ Only 1-year warranty
High performance induction motor⚠️
Motor overload protector⚠️
Spatula for easy cleaning and mixing⚠️

[su_button url=”https://www.amazon.in/Sowrna-Lakshmi-Grinders-liters-Brown/dp/B01ARH0KIM/” target=”blank” style=”stroked” background=”#000000″ size=”10″]Buy at AMAZON[/su_button]

6. Pigeon Platino Wet Grinder

It is all the time outshine to approve of a domestic wet chopper for the reason that it becomes undemanding to grasp emergency parts in suit the employment develops issues. Pigeon Platino is one such domestic wet chopper that has to grow to be extraordinarily accepted in the lesser towns in India.

Capacity 2 L
Power Consumption 150 W
Motor Speed 1350 RPM
Number of Stones2
Attachments Present Coconut scraper, Atta Kneader
Other Features Motor overload protection, ABS body, Detachable stainless steel drum
Warranty 5 year domestic warranty

These wet grinders are as useful as the top-priced apparent brands. agree to us aspect at the facial appearance of this wet dicer that tin facilitates you judge against the other brands.

The storing capacity of this grinder is 2 liters. This grinder simplifies the tasks to a great extent. As per the preference and need, one can control the speed of the motor. Its leak-proof design ensures safety as well as prevents leakage.

Service centers easily available⚠️ The appliance becomes hot after about 10 to 15 minutes of operation
Advanced interlocking feature ensures less noise⚠️
Additional attachments come free⚠️

[su_button url=”https://www.amazon.in/Pigeon-Platino-12726-2-Litre-Multicolor/dp/B079HW6GY2/” target=”blank” style=”stroked” background=”#000000″ size=”10″]Buy at AMAZON[/su_button]

7. Premier Stainless Steel Table Top Wet Grinder

Premier is one of the most Indian brands accepted for quality, and performance. Their steel catalog crown wet dicer has got every single one the skin texture and attachments that comply with the principal grinding requirements. It’s 2-liter drum is completed of rust-proof stainless steel objects which container be second-hand efficiently and lasts longer.

Capacity 1.5 L
Power Consumption 95 W
Motor Speed 1440 RPM
Number of Stones2
Attachments PresentSpatula, Batter cleaner
Other Features Motor overload protection
Warranty 2 year domestic warranty

Smart technology, vacuum feet and evocative motor skin texture the incredible foremost oriented schedule crown wet grinder. With its steadfast and abstention service, it simplifies the cooking procedures. It is provided by its stainless steel body. The chopper fits of laughter into less significant plot proper to its compact design. The part of this grinder is 2 liters.

This appliance comes with 3 poles apart settings, which funds you know how to function. Gear based motor is deliberate to last a few longer with trouble-free surgical procedure and make use of a 95-watts warrant to evenly pound the ingredients reserved inside the machine.

The speed regulation setting has inch marks for deciding the rhythm at which one wants to grind the ingredients. The reliable vacuum foot is featured by the grinder for a steady placement of the appliance.

Easy to handle and clean⚠️ Heavy weighted grinder
Powerful motor⚠️Storage capacity is less
Uses rust-proof stainless steel material⚠️
Value for money⚠️

[su_button url=”https://www.amazon.in/Premier-Stainless-Steel-Table-Grinder/dp/B077ZBHWW1/” target=”blank” style=”stroked” background=”#000000″ size=”10″]Buy at AMAZON[/su_button]

8. Prestige Wet Grinder PWG 05

The Prestige Wet Grinder PWG 05 fulfills all the needs of grinding. It has sturdiness, durability and unbeatable price. This grinder is well-known for its stable operation and power-packed performance. The atta kneader attachment and the coconut scraper are the attractions of this wet grinder.

The Coconut Scraper is a narrowed attachment, scraping coconut to conclusive caliber in the organization to contract tastier chutneys.

Capacity 2 L
Power Consumption 200 W
Motor Speed 1100 RPM
Number of Stones2
Attachments Present Coconut Scraper Attachment , Atta Kneader Attachment
Other Features Motor overload protection, ABS body, Patented Conicalstones
Warranty 2 year domestic warranty

The puris and rotis are complete tastier and softer with the help of atta kneader. The bread is kneaded efficiently to the properly reliability by it. For fine and fast mixing/grinding, it is an ideal grinder. Its powerful motor enables us to carry out difficult grinding applications.

The jars include a dazzling mirror cease and they sharpen finer and faster. The on the top gap for the ingredients to prod about is provided by the arena shaped lid.

2 stainless steel drum ⚠️ Noise levels between 80-90 dB
High performance induction motor ⚠️
Motor overload protector ⚠️

[su_button url=”https://www.amazon.in/Prestige-Grinder-PWG-05-attachment/dp/B012J7LSS4/” target=”blank” style=”stroked” background=”#000000″ size=”10″]Buy at AMAZON[/su_button]

9. Bajaj WX 3 Wet Grinder

The elegant and stylish Bajaj WX3 Wet Grinder Without Arm is an essential appliance for your kitchen. Say goodbye to manual grinding and grind faster and effectively with this wet grinder. Now you can make idli, dosa, vada effortlessly. It has a sturdy and high-performance induction motor that will do all the grinding for you. No more atta kneading, as the stainless steel atta kneader blade will even do that for you. It comes with 2 Ltr. If you love coconut, then you can take delight in its easy to use stainless steel coconut scraper. It is a wet grinder without arm model and has an elegant design.

Capacity 2 L
Power Consumption 150 W
Motor Speed 140 RPM
Number of Stones2
Attachments PresentSpatula, Batter cleaner
Other Features Motor overload protection, ABS body, Patented Conicalstones
Warranty 5 year domestic warranty

Bajaj WX 150 Watt wet grinder is perfect for lesser to form families. It comes with a 2-liter stainless steel drum which lasts for an incredibly lingering time. The lid of the wet dicer is complete up of polycarbonate lid. As it is a see-through lid, you canister appreciate the course of grinding.

It has resourceful and long-lasting grinding sand which present equal and smoother thrash every song time. The surgical procedure of this automaton is attractively simple. The super innocent and glossy exteriors reach it trouble-free to clean.

This machine consumes 150 Watts power for operation. In the case of overheating situations, an overload safeguard introduce is provided. The manufacturer provides a 2-years warranty on the motor and other parts.

High-performance induction motor⚠️ Bit heavy
Efficient and durable grinding stones⚠️
High material quality⚠️
Stainless steel drum⚠️

[su_button url=”https://www.amazon.in/Bajaj-WX-150-Watt-Grinder-without/dp/B009P2L0U8/” target=”blank” style=”stroked” background=”#000000″ size=”10″]Buy at AMAZON[/su_button]

10. Vidiem Jewel ST WET Grinder

The modern-day kitchen is proper extra compact than ever. Hence, you figure out not to hold adequate rank to shield these life-size wet grinders. The tiny kitchen difficulty a less significant appliance.

Capacity 2 L
Power Consumption 90 W
Motor Speed 750 RPM
Number of Stones2
Attachments PresentSpatula, SS Drum with Stone Rollers
Other Features Motor overload protection, ABS body
Warranty 2 years and 5 year for motor

The Vidiem rock fits of laughter the receipt perfectly. The sleek design ensures that it does not occupy much space. Also, it guarantees to present the most efficiency you assume from wet dicer having a room of 2 liters.

The design is an aerodynamic one that does not occupy much space. The stainless steel drums ensure the highest degree of hygiene. This wet grinder has the optimum capacity of 2 liters in spite of being a compact one. Storing is also easy because of the detachable drum. You need not go in search of a different utensil. This wet grinder works on a 90-Watt motor

Sleek design⚠️ stones are more massive than what you get in other wet grinders.
Excellent performance⚠️
Easy to clean the appliance⚠️
Can fit kitchen of all sizes⚠️

[su_button url=”https://www.amazon.in/Vidiem-Jewel-Ltrs-Grinder-White/dp/B00VV468Y6/” target=”blank” style=”stroked” background=”#000000″ size=”10″]Buy at AMAZON[/su_button]

Benefits of Wet Grinder are;

In Western cuisine, wet grinding is rare. But in Indian cuisine, it is the main staple. Pastes from lentils and grams are finished by the wet grinders. In South Indian cuisine, it is extensively second-hand for cooking idlis and dosas. It is furthermore old to render delicious soups. An only some sandstone pelt plates bottle be institute in the wet grinder.

Compared to exciting mixers, wet grinders boast superfluous advantages. The savor of the groceries is exaggerated by heat is generated by the wet chopper than a stimulating mixer. Compared to the metal blades, the pebbles are sharper and stay put sturdy for a longer period. Now, one gets the fallout as perfectly as the essence of conventional grinding with the facilitate of a wet grinder.

How to choose the Best Wet Grinder?

While choosing a wet grinder;

Capacity: Liter is the thing for calculating the capacity of the wet grinder. Every wet grinder gives assorted capacity. The space of wet grinders stretches from 2 liters to 15 liters. Depending on the need, we can choose the wet chopper preferably.

Drum material: The plane region inside the grinder is the drum material. Steel and stone are the kinds of resources used inside the Grinder. On an elongated characterize usage, the deseed data is somewhat flat to comprehend scrapped. Hence, for slow phase usage, one duty opts for a stainless steel drum material.

Overload protection: The load input on the wet grinder is indicated by the Overload protection system. If the grinder is overloaded, it stops working. By the indicator, the load is capable of being on consecutively the chopper efficiently. Thus, the life of the chopper is prolonged.

Tilting: The process of Tilting is brought into being in leaning wet grinders. Tilting is ready to lend a hand in emptying the marvelously ashore bang from the grinder. However, it is not calm to uncontaminated leaning wet grinder as the drum is non-removable.

Comparison of Wet Grinder Types – Regular, Table Top, Tilting

Regular Wet GrinderTable Top Wet GrinderTilting Wet Grinder
Available in bigger size.Available in small size.Available in small size.
Need more space.Requires only less space.Requires only less space.
Bit difficult to clean the device.Very easy to clean.Very easy to clean.
Doesn’t come with tilting.Doesn’t come with tilting.Tilting is possible.
Large load capacity.Medium load capacity.Medium load capacity.
Economical to buy.Affordable pricesBit expensive.
Large familiesMedium familiesSmall families

Frequently Asked Questions;

  1. What are Wet Grinders used for?

Wet Grinders are electric grinders used for making the batter from different kinds of material when mixed with water. Wet Grinders are fast as they run on electricity, save time due to a quick mechanism and are simple to use due to less effort required. These types of grinders are widely used for cooking Indian cuisine.

2. What is the capacity range of Wet Grinders?

The range starts from 2 liters to 15 liters. The more the capacity, the more batter you can make. So, choose accordingly.

3. What are the advantages of using Wet Grinders?

Wet Grinders is always better than using traditional electric mixers as in the electric mixers the taste of food gets spoiled due to heat generation, Wet Grinders generate less heat. Wet Grinders have a longer life span.

4. How to clean Wet Grinders?

The grinding stones of Wet Grinders can be removed you can keep them under running water to clean. A brush can be used to remove dust.

5. How much time does a wet grinder take to complete 1 cycle?

The standard time to complete 1 cycle is more or less, 15 to 20 minutes.

6. Can a wet grinder get overloaded?

A wet grinder can get overloaded. But most of the modern wet grinders are equipped with overload protection. It shuts off automatically when it detects any type of overload.

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