Top 10 Best Gas Stoves In India (2019) Buyer’s Guide & Reviews.

Gas stoves are the mainly normal appliance of a kitchen.

While purchasing a gas stove, the initial incident to think is – number of burners you require. This depends on your family’s member and adds up to of dishes you enjoy to the cook at peak hours (like in the mornings).

Mainly there are 4 types of Gas stove available in the market. They are,

  • 4 Burner gas stove – suited for medium and large families.
  • 3 Burner gas stove – suited for a family having 4 – 5 members
  • 2 Burner gas stove –for lesser families with 2 – 3 members
  • 1 Burner gas stove –suited for bachelors and individuals

Apart from that, burner objects furthermore show business an imperative role. a good number of the burners are ready up of each brass or aluminum. in the middle of them, brass ideas are unsurpassed – as they spread out cook evenly to roast the fare quickly, so cutback the gas. And moreover, they are wearing away and oxidization resistant.

Why We Use a Gas Stove?

Unlike stimulating stoves, a common gab stove-top will not oblige electricity to operate, discount you the expenditure on electricity bills. They are capable of being curved on at once and ensures earlier even cooking of fodder which makes it a supplementary professional preference to consider. The flame and fever container be adjusted visually, as a result, you are continually conscious of the flame setting.

Gas stoves may be a small price extra exclusive than emotional oil-burning stove but their largely operational cost is lower. We need only natural gas. Moreover, they are long-lasting for the reason of their design.

Gas stoves get here with a fascinating and smart draw up plans that will mingle in completely with any premium kitchen. They are fitting to work as the knobs guarantee an iron and get hold of grip with swift and effortless access. a good number chat stoves moreover move toward with a drip tray and spill-proof mean creation it undemanding to vacuum and preserve as ensuring a clean kitchen.

Top 10 Best Gas Stove in India 2019

We did a complete review of the top 7 Best Gas Stove in India. Later We will give a complete buyer guide on this article and give more details and features given by each brand.

1.Elica Glass Gas Stove.

This gas stove-top is from the Italian brand, Elica. It has full one of the principal positions worldwide in manufacturing chat stoves, chimneys, and other kitchen equipment.

The outcome policy makes an inventory as of its shiny black outlook, durability, and usefulness for riches at a distance from the identifying mark significance of Elica. It has thousands of ecstatic customers who enclose fallen in be devoted to this chat range after purchasing it.

This product by Elica skin texture 3 durable brass burners with manual detonation method. both of the burners produce a superb and evenly circulated flame. 2 burners are greater an adequate amount of to accommodate customary magnitude utensils. However, the interior burner is for minor vessels.

Model No703 ct Vetro Blk
TypeManual gas stove
Weight8.1 Kg
Number of Burners3
Burner TypeHigh Efficiency Brass Burner
Other Features Wear Resistant, Rust Proof
Warranty 2 year

You will progress 2 existence of warranty with this Elica gab stove. inside this period, the ballet company will impart air force or replacements if something goes harm still to pay to everyday usage. However, the warranty does not shield crack or impairment by accidents caused by you.

✅ Easy to clean⚠️ Cannot Accomodate more than three
✅ Stainless Steel Support
✅ Ensures Safety

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2. Pigeon Blackline Glass Gas Cooktop

Stovekraft is one of the leading burning stove manufacturing companies in India. And while we reason for kitchen-appliances, one of the basic names that pop up in our care is ‘Pigeon by Stovekraft.’
This specific product is nice-looking a lot in a common man’s budget. What’s unsurpassed is, it has 4 burners. impressive that you will not get a hold in this span with other brands! These high-quality burners are prepared for brass, which makes them durable. The aloofness between every part of the burners is standard, and you be capable of suit 4 medium-sized gear at once. It is priced a smidgen senior to the out topper in the incline and that is why it has full the second place. Other than that, near aren’t any shortcomings what time compared to Elica.

Model NoUltra 12464
TypeManual gas stove
Weight9 Kg
Number of Burners4
Burner TypeHigh-Powered Brass Burner
Other Features High Grade Aluminium Mixing Tube,Thermal Efficient Brass Burners, Superior Quality knob
Warranty 2 year

A chat range is zero if it does not produce the correct significance of flame that preserve be prohibited with the knobs. This finicky heater produces as much as a necessary flame to hasten the cooking administer if you put it on elevated even as you are in a hurry. You know how to as spring up put the flame at the sim and decelerate pastry-cook a cute meal for your family.
The remains are of stainless steel. It is durable, rust-resistant, easy-to-clean, and comes with 2 beings of warranty. not together from the metal-holders, it, in addition, incorporates four pieces of drip trays. This is to make certain that your kitchen skeleton orderly similar as you appoint a careless faux pass. The stainless-steel break the surface is coated with a heat-resistant case-hardened goblet in black, which tin withstand, heat, weight, and day-to-day habits for years.

✅ Unbreakable Knobs⚠️ Stand Height is low
✅ Unique Pan Support
✅ Toughened Glass
✅ Budget Friendly

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3. Eveready TGC2B Glass Top Gas Stove

Eveready gas stove has a longer natural life compared to other gas stoves. It’s all together for the reason that of the strength and patience nature. It skin a case-hardened beaker acme that delivers elongated lasting act for years. It offers an oxidize resistance surface which adds a converge of grace to your kitchen.
Ergonomically calculated burner knobs roll up with a black better part to make certain comfort and protection whereas cooking. The comfort to regulate the flame as for each cooking wants and passion the burners.

Model No TGC2B
TypeManual gas stove
Number of Burners2
Burner Type High Efficiency Brass Burner
Other Features Rotary Knobs, Spill Tray, Wear Resistant
Warranty 2 year

The spill-proof pattern ensures painless cleaning and maintenance owing to the stainless steel drip tray collects the spillage and overflow of chow particles and other substances to adhere to the stove-top clean.
The high-temperature impervious to pot assist has a longer life. And the 360˚ chatter bay enables the users to residence cylinders at any side- absent or reasonably depending on your convenience.
Besides, it too includes 2 high-efficiency brass burners that make available you to roast a range of dishes at once and by utilizing minus LPG gas. The elegant hard-bitten flute important of the chat oil-burning stove gives it a glossy emergence and is effortless to neat and maintain. The manufacturer provides a 2-year warranty on this product. If this chat heater doesn’t bring about accurately in the 2-year warranty period, in that case, the manufacturer will organize it without calculation any spare charge.

✅ Spill-proof design⚠️ ISI certification is not available
✅ Powder coated pan support
✅ Stainless steel body gas stove
✅ Rust resistant

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4. Glen 2 Burner ISI LPG Gas Stove

Glen is one of the most standards and trusted brands for kitchen appliances in India. The 1020 GT subordinate genre of Glen is one of the generally reasonably priced chat stoves in India.
As aluminum alloy is old burners, its container hold out excitement for an enormously stretched time. separately from that, it besides distributes the roast evenly to the containers and utensils.
Gas influence knobs go with clockwise/anti-clockwise rotating options by triggering to low, vehicle and from top to toe modes to grill delicious rations quickly. As they’re complete of premium condition materials, it helps to correct the mark of flame and run smoothly. They present an in good health grip to the users little rotating and duck slipping, and gab leakage.

Model No 1020 GT
TypeManual gas stove
Weight5.1 Kg
Number of Burners2
Burner TypeHigh Efficiency Brass Burner
Other Features Spill Tray Included ,
ISI Certified
Warranty 2 year

Moreover, this 2 burner gab range is surrounded by saucepan chains of thickness 4 mm that are located on burners as a bracket for cookers, bowls, etc. at the same time as preparing food. The tough wineglass makes it effortless to
This item for consumption is apposite for tiny families and bachelors. A 1-year warranty is provided by the manufacturer from the blind date of purchase.

✅ Affordable price⚠️ No auto-ignition
✅ ISI certification
✅ Euro-coated

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5. Sunflame GT Pride Gas Stove

Over 30 years, Sunflame is a kind that is donation dependable children’s home kitchen appliances like gas stoves, cookers, chimneys and colors client espouse services.
Compared to other branded models, it comes at fantastically low-price subsequently anybody bottle bad buy the chat oven without having a thought. consequently, it is careful as the finest financial plan gab oven in India 2018.
With resilient blazing burners and sound support, you not merely like the cooking feel but furthermore bring to an end it quickly. It comes with 2 tall finish off brass burners which present perfect for bachelors and slight families to fry 2 something else foods at a time.

TypeManual gas stove
Weight6 Kg
Number of Burners2
Burner Type Thermal Efficient Brass Burner
Warranty 2 year

This LPG gab oven is exceptionally strong and ultimate longer as it consumes the gab (energy fuel) in diminutive quantities. The thick saucepan ropes on the burner are euro encrusted to put a stop to shade from chipping off. tough beaker is prepared of reheat and has a break opposing resources which helps to innocent and keep easily.
Knobs know how to be operated smoothly, smoothly with ease. separately from heart better and high temperature resistant, Sunflame chatter heater is as well corrupt and scuff impervious which makes it cool to maintain. spaced out from that, the manufacturer offers a 2-years warranty on the product.

✅ Euto-coated⚠️ Manual ignition
✅ Stain and scratch resistant
✅ Brushed matte finish stainless steel

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6. Lifelong 3 Burner Gas Stove

It is one of the preeminent gab oil-burning stove brand names in India 2018 that comes under 5,000.
This 3 burner chatter oil-burning stove will rally round you boil manifold dishes effortlessly at-a-time with minus effort. This counter crown chat oil-burning stove is ready for the cynical and break-resistant beaker which provides your kitchen with an elegant come across and premium feel.
The permanent chatter heater incorporates ergonomically deliberate nylon constraint knobs with section resilient covers to avert against harmful and other ardor issues. You canister furthermore relate gab supply from rear to the heater for slick and undemanding operation.

Model NoLLGS18
TypeManual gas stove
Weight6.7 Kg
Number of Burners3
Burner Type High Efficiency Brass Burner
Other Features Ergonomically designed knobs with heat resistant nylon covers
Warranty 2 year

As it has passion resistant, it knows how to sustain high ranking temperatures on a day-to-day basis. Further, you preserve effortlessly unsoiled the chat hob, limit knobs and sides by wet cloth to deter cooking particles, stains, oil, and corrosion formation.
Burners are completed of aluminum, brass resources and are surrounded by a thick disparage endorsement for attention-grabbing the kitchen hobs or other appliances to make available flush stage distribution. Featuring anti-skid feet plan minimizes the slippage of paraphernalia although tossing, heaviness cooking or others which come to mind time cooking.
The manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty on the product. And if you don’t discover the product to be defectively followed by restore with a new one in the individual time.

✅ Stylish and ergonomic design⚠️ No auto-ignition
✅ Heat resistant
✅ Anti-skid feet

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7. Prestige Premia Glass Gas Stove

Prestige is so far an extra trusted Indian brand of kitchenware. It has a complete premium condition harvest since the beginning. If you like a well-built oven that will take for years, this invention fits of laughter the check fair right.
This gab heater skin 3 tri-pin brass burners that guarantee even heating and optimal exploitation of gas. The private pot substantiate is scientifically intended to bequeath pots and pans the endorse they penury to postponement in place.
These gab burners produce an eager flame, which will make it possible for you to grill a three-course meal in no time!

Model No Premia 40173
TypeManual gas stove
Weight11.1 Kg
Number of Burners3
Burner TypeHigh Efficiency Brass Burner
Other Features Toughened glass. Spill proof design
Warranty 2 year

This chatter range type by reputation looks glossy that holds a permutation of black and colorless to Lange in with the interiors of your kitchen seamlessly. It comes with thermal shock anti-Schott in dual shades. in attendance is a warranty of 2 existence on the product. However, the tough beaker has a warranty of a lifetime.

✅ Brass burners⚠️ Cleaning can take time
✅ Thermal shock resistant glass
✅ Strong flame

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8. Butterfly Smart Glass Gas Stove

We have ordered 2 pieces of 2burner butterfly gas stoves at the same time. But the result was different. One is good and excellent work but at the other one was very worst and so many complaints. We had returned the complaint one and the 2nd time we choose the Elica 3 burner gas stove. Compared to butterfly recommended for 2 burners. Elica for 3burner.

Prepare more delicious dishes in a shorter period of time by bringing home this gas stove from Butterfly. It’s Smart Lock Pan prevents utensils from wobbling while cooking and it’s Stainless Steel Spill Tray requires low maintenance and does not rust. It is designed with Heat-resistant Legs and its Heat-efficient Brass Burners to ensure equal distribution of heat.

Cooking becomes easy when you have butterfly glass top gas stoves in your kitchen. It helps you to cook more than one dish at the same time in an efficient manner. Butterfly brings to you an elegant gas stove with toughened glass top with shatter-proof. It adds charm to your kitchen. 360-degree revolving nozzle and easy-to-use design make it ideal for all types of households. The burner stands are designed to be spill-proof, so you don’t have to worry about your vessels toppling over. The knobs are ergonomically designed for ease-of-use. Moreover, they are engineered to avoid leakage of gas to give you safe and efficient cooking experience. The compact design of the stove saves you a lot of counter-top space. Butterfly gas stoves are very easy to clean and maintain on a regular basis.

Model No
TypeManual gas stove
Number of Burners2
Burner Type Tri Pin Burner
Other Features Spill Tray , Wear Resistant , Heat Resistant , Rubber Legs
Warranty 2 year

If you are looking for a gas stove that will help you save both time and energy in the kitchen, opt for the Smart Glass Top stove by Butterfly. The product has quality burners, ranging from small to big size options for regulating your cooking requirements appropriately. The sleek look of the burner adds a modern dimension to your kitchen, while also serving the purpose of fast cooking. The product has an easy-to-use smart lock pan support and spill tray which ensures your convenience in the kitchen.

Now cleaning heavily rusted spill trays for hours is a thing of the past. Stainless-steel spill trays of Smart Gas stove ensure fewer chances of rusting and low maintenance. This unique feature aids inefficient cleaning.

✅ Classic product⚠️ No. It is manual
✅ Worth money⚠️ No spill tray
✅ Strong flame

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9. Lifelong Glass Top Gas Stove

Lifelong gas stove with four burners is a highly efficient stove. The glass top is toughened to be shatter-proof. It looks elegant and adds charm to your kitchen. The burner stands are designed to be spill-proof, so you don’t have to worry about your vessels toppling over. The knobs are ergonomically designed for ease-of-use. Moreover, they are engineered to avoid leakage of gas to give you a safe and efficient cooking experience. The compact design of the stove saves you a lot of counter-top space.

Model NoLLGS27
TypeManual gas stove
Weight12 Kg
Number of Burners4
Burner Type High Efficiency Forged Brass Burner
Other Features Thick Pan Supports , Anti-Skid Feet
Warranty 2 year

It is equipped with burners made of premium quality of forged brass burners are also designed in a manner that facilitates even spreading of the flame and the heat which comes of the burner. It adds on, these burners are extremely easy to clean and maintain.

✅ Efficiency and Style ⚠️ No auto igination
✅ Toughened Glass Top
✅ High Efficiency Burners

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10. Cello Prima Gas Stove

Cello as the brand connects with all household needs, this is another good product from this brand. The product is exactly as described and works perfectly. All three burners are working fine as expected. Flames are strong and equal which is usually a common issue in the gas stove when I checked reviews on other brands. No leakages which I checked very thoroughly. The burners are spaced quite properly and are easy for big utensils as well. Also, the black glass top matches pretty well with our kitchen theme and it is augmenting my kitchen look. This one is also an upgrade since our existing one was two burners and I am quite happy with my purchase. Settled with manual ignition since I’ve heard auto-ignition ones develop faults quite fast. It’s going good and at a price of a little over 3000, it’s a good buy option.

Cooking becomes at ease once you obtain Cello in your kitchen. Cello Prima chatter heater 3 Burner goblet apex helps you to pastry-cook other than one dish at the unchanged time in an able manner. Prima chat range brings to you an elegant chat oven with a hard-edged schooner top. It adds charm to your kitchen. 360 measure rotating needle and easy-to-use proposal make it essential for every one of the types of mansion holds. The burner stands are deliberate to be spill-proof, therefore you don’t comprise to be anxious about your vessels toppling over. The knobs are ergonomically deliberate for ease-of-use. Moreover, they are engineered to escape of chatter to allocate you in safe hands and not wasteful cooking experience.

TypeManual gas stove
Weight5.2 Kg
Number of Burners3
Burner Type Simmer Burner
Other Features ISI Certified 3 burners Gas Stove,Toughened glass top, Ergonomically designed knobs & Aluminium mixing tubes to ensure safety.
Warranty 2 year

The compact device of the oven saves you a ration of counter-top space. Cello Prima gas stove-top is exceptionally undemanding to dirt free and hold on a reliable basis. Cello has been with you, plateful you, accompanying you for generations, in all and every breathing space of your home, from the alive opportunity to the dining room. You encompass ready us a segregate of your family. We neediness to strengthen this link by plateful you more. Our food will evade you squander boundless era with your loved ones, by creating a household job an easier and enjoyable practice for you. We as a Cello set is go-getting towards introducing a word elegance lifestyle to every individualistic for a lasting affiliation of supposing and responsibility.

✅ Easy to use⚠️ No auto ignition
✅ Stainless Steel drip
✅ Aluminium mixing tubes

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Important Factors to be considered?

A gas stove is like the kindness of a Kitchen. It has every time been joined at the hip from the Indian household. Be it everyday evening drinks or a bulky fat Sunday eat a chat heater know how to name every one of Indian recipes.
Every homemaker requirements the superlative chatter oven in her kitchen and over the years, chatter stoves from diverse brands are arrival with new innovations.
You strength allow asked yourself, “What gear to glimpse for in a chatter stove. They fulfill that is simple. To acquire out the superlative chatter stove-top you ought to glance for scores of things. The unsurpassed chatter range will bail out your time, it will be innocent and it will carry on you countless years.
There are hundreds of chat heater models in India appropriately now, subsequently choosing the greatest between them according to your delicate preferences bottle be rather a fractious task. Questions like, how several burners are sufficient? figure out you necessary a fluted cap or stainless steel? Auto-ignition or blue-collar detonation bottle in reality mix up you.
So, to be of assistance you out with every one of your doubts, we take part in an in-depth chat “Buying Guide” everywhere you will acquire entirely the answers to your questions. We comprise furthermore incorporated customers FAQs. Be long-suffering and don’t give for any points.

Things to be Considered

Ignition Type: Automatic or Manual?

Today you suffer two diverse ignitions options – the manual-ignition and the auto-ignition. For instruction manual ignition, you neediness a meet set or a lighter to catch the light the gas. On the other hand, regular blast-off doesn’t must any matchstick or lighter. It has an in-built blast-off decision which factory with a battery. This robotically sparks the gab as quickly as you swop the stove-top on.
Auto-ignition is an additional well-located and safer decision than manual-ignition, for clear reasons that they don’t hardship outside bonfire obtain to thrash on. instantly nearby is a difficulty of concern- the price! heart added suitable to use, the auto-ignition stoves are costlier, compel prudent managing and charge additional in glasses case of repairing.
Bottom Line: The guidebook is the accepted routine of blast-off but the newest models of gab stoves, cooktops, and kitchen hobs are introducing auto-ignition. However, equally, types are convenient and regularly popular. You know how to take any according to your plan and excellent preferences.
Note: If you vote for auto-ignition, put together for sure to conversion the sequence from time to time. In awfully extraordinary cases, the set may leak. This will not injury the oil-burning stove but the auto-ignition may not drudgery anymore. However, in that case, you know how to every time swap to manual-ignition mode.

Burner Material: reasonable lettering or sturdy type?

When you arrange to purchase a gas stove, you map to exercise it for a while, according to the background becomes an enter cause to consider. Sturdiness, oxidization resistance, intensity division of the oven is precisely interrelated to I beg your pardon? significant burner it uses. Usually, you will get two types of burners-
• Brass Burners– Brass is an exceptional conductor of heat. They are alloy metals (a mixture of two or added metals) and has a good-looking gold color. The chief improvement of brass burners is they are decay-resistant, and thus, they are additional secure and perfect for equally covered and open-air use. Their excitement delivery is and drawn compared to other materials. However, you bear to shed around further bucks for every further advantage.
• Aluminum Burners-Aluminum is an extra horrible conductor of warm but expenditure to a great extent less important than brass. The foremost drawback of aluminum burners is they are taking away anti to corrosion; thereby, their lifetime is to a great extent shorter than the brass burners.
Bottom Line: We counsel brass burners for the uniform users as they are added durable, weather-resistant, distributes cook evenly. One must select an aluminum individual once the funds are a large constraint.

Design and Finish: Stylish and pricey or Ordinary and Affordable?

Usually, chatter stoves or cooktops say a steel or goblet body. The stainless-steel ones gaze run of the mill but are reasonably priced bit the goblet tops aspect ornate and stylish.
If you spend a kitchen flue or obtain a modular kitchen, you would have a preference rather stylish, and wineglass summit polish looks the best. To contest with your kitchen interiors, they include befall up with chic goblet finish, toughened and spill-proof goblet designs, aesthetically calculated knobs and burners, bold ensign and designs that fit with your kitchen chimneys.
Bottom Line: whereas a fluted cap looks particularly heavy and stylish, stainless steel is calm long-lasting and affordable. You be capable of elect according to your account and preferences. If you want a schooner top, get to absolutely it is hard-bitten flute to produce the warm and reliable abrasion and tear. The finest nature to be had in the advertising is the hard-boiled schooner with an elegant black finish. next to with the design, the occurrence is in addition important.

Safety Tips and Precautions

  • It is superior to be safe and sound than sorry. despite the fact that cooking with chatter stoves is to a great extent straightforward and harmless than established ones, in attendance are quite nearly shelter precautions to consider. We be inflicted with mentioned them below for your convenience. be unquestionable to adhere to them whereas cooking.
  • Before removing the spicy gadget or dish from the burner, button of the corresponding knob.
  • If you are smelling chat leakage, afterward give rise to the management knobs are curved off. sincere every part of the windows. Don’t knob on the illumination or fans before the gab smells vanishes off.
  • After washing burners, set aside them to desiccated under sunlight before insertion them in its position.
  • After the chat stove-top is not in use, in that case, join the cylinder valve.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between a Gas Stove and a Kitchen hob?

Kitchen hobs are in-built means they seamlessly fit inside your kitchen Countertop while a gas stove is free-standing. Kitchen hobs are flat and look more stylish, and the stoves are the regular looking with four standing feet. However, they serve the same purpose of cooking and gas stoves have also become flatter with a gorgeous glass-finish and elegant black color.

2. What is the best brand for Gas Stove?

A good brand gives you warranty coverage and good customer services. There are several good brands that you can look for. Some of the brands that we like are-
• Elica
• Prestige
• Glen
• Pigeon
• Sunflame

3.What is the auto ignition gas stove?

Auto-ignition stoves have become popular ones nowadays as they are much sturdy, portable and energy-efficient. The feature of auto-ignition doesn’t require any manual operations. Just by moving the control knob, the flame will automatically switch on. Though they may be expensive, they are best suited for people who want smart technologies.

4. How long does a gas stove last?

By in view of the fixed cooking clothing and tear, the get-up-and-go anticipation of a chatter oven tin keeps on from 5 – 10 years. However, this may besides depend on the style of gab stove-top surface, burner material, cleaning, frequency of convention and others. If the chatter stove-top is not accurately maintained the concert of it consequentially decreases and as a final point the natural life as well.

5. Is the stove highly efficient?

It depends on the way of cooking. But the stove is very good

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