Top 10 Best Electric Choppers To Buy in India: 2019 Reviews

A vegetable chopper is just a machine with a packaged compact piece which constitutes a hefty bowl, stainless steel blades and a emotive motor with one-touch entitlement control. It performs innumerable errands such as chopping, mincing, slicing, grinding, and cubing of ingredients like vegetables, fruits, nuts, meat, and cheese.

Foodstuff chopper is a compact and convenient kitchen application that has the ability to chop between 1 to 6 cups of chow at once. Compared to instruction booklet methods, grinder saves 30% of chopping time and you clearly requisite to squash the groceries matter with a gentle push on the top.

A foodstuff chopper makes your time stress-free in as a result load of conduct it is lighter, minor and fewer classy than a full-fledged chow processor. It is easier to hygienic and looks after as well.

What is a chopper?

Cutting of vegetables is an everyday hard work in our daily life. If you desire to fry the perfect dishes or gain the mainly superb salad plates garlanded or assert your preference fruits eager to gorge in one go, a food processor does it all. It is an exceedingly nearby and helpful employment in the limit of kitchen tools and services.

You container conserve your time of chopping folks titanic cabbages or bank by hand from squashing individuals ruby tomatoes on your offer by just by means of an emotional cleaver that is on hand to you on your doorstep. The grinder too ensures that you don’t incision by hand with folks genuinely loud knives and transfer you fastidiously chopped or sliced vegetables and fruits as you wish for them.

Benefits of exciting vegetable chopper

Technology has complete kick easier. The progress in the lifestyle of humans has altered the lot about our day to day life. Our day after day habits, our cooking routine to the gadgets we depletion on a day by day base and the appliances we rely on, the lot is distinctive from pardon? it old to be before. With the advancements, the promptness of humans has additionally increased. nearby are a integer of gadgets to be had for you to relief you with your each day work. Be it your office or your house, you are a little of the other route consistent on the machines. One such imposing invention is the stimulating vegetable chopper, which makes the errand of chopping a share added easier than it was forever before.

  • You right give to chop any vegetable or fruits in partly and put the substantial pieces into the chopper.
  • inside no time you will be being paid magnificently chopped vegetables out of the chopper.
  • The tears that tube down your cheeks even as cold onions would not be seen now.
  • Besides, these emotional choppers are exceptionally stress-free and fitting to use.


We did a complete review of the top 10 Best Electric Chopper in India. Later We will give a complete buyer guide on this article and give more details and features given by each brand.

1. Philips Viva Collection Onion-Chef HR2505/00 500-Watt Chopper (White).

Philips OnionChef Chopper is equipped with sharp stainless steel blades. The three fine blades of the ChopDrop technology ensure dry and regular chopping of delicate ingredients without mashing. The separately provided high speed chopping blade, however, is capable of crushing even hard ingredients.

Technical Specifications;

Power Consumption
Max Spin Speed
Washing Method
Function Type
Other Features

The powerful 500W motor of the Philips Onion-Chef Chopper ensures you can chop even hard ingredients quick and easy. The Philips OnionChef chopper with its additional high-speed chopping blade allows you also to achieve a finely chopped result of a large variety of ingredients, such as meat, nuts, dried fruit, herbs, Parmesan, chocolate and more. Finely grind meat for steak tartare, meat balls, sauce Bolognese or tacos; prepare homemade pesto and humus, energy bars or simply a fresh dressing for your favorite salad.


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2. Borosil Chef Delite BCH20DBB21 300-Watt Chopper (Black)

No more tears now while chopping onions, or smelly hands while chopping garlic. Use the powerful Chef Delite Chopper to make your daily cooking a breeze – it gets rid of the pain of preparation so you can enjoy the process of the actual cooking. It comes with two blades – a single blade and a dual blade for fine chopping. This chopper truly makes cooking a delight – it does your chopping in seconds.

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