How To apply online E-Pass From lockdown

The coronavirus is on the rise, making it one of the biggest threats in the country.  In the first phase, the central government announced the lockdown until April 14.  But the government has extended the lockdown until May 3 when there is an increase in the number of cases of cowardice in the country.  The government has told people not to go out.  The police are taking strong action against those who come out violating the instructions.

 Kerala is the first state in India to report Kovid-19 cases.  As part of the exemplary and exemplary work of health workers, government and people, Kovid can be prevented from spreading.  The police are implementing stringent controls on the highly acclaimed Kerala model Corona.
 Police are taking all possible measures to prevent people from being released during the lockdown.  At the same time, the government has set up a pass system for people who are releasing essential goods.  If the pass is granted after applying for the pass, the applicant may be released subject to the restrictions and meet his or her requirements.
 In Kerala Lockdown Period, you can apply online for Essential Pass Release Passes.  The link is:
 The government will consider your application and issue a pass if you fill in the required information and submit it at the link given above.
 If you have a curfew pass, you have no idea that you can just get out and rotate.  You can only go out for the purpose as specified in the pass.  Do not abuse this system.  It is our responsibility to follow the government’s instructions when the country is fighting the coronavirus together.

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