Now keep the new phone buyers! The knock-out is coming

If you plan to buy a mobile phone, buy it now.
 Mobile phones to be taxed at 12% to 18% (effective April 1)
 The phone, which is currently priced at Rs 10,000, will cost Rs 10,620 and will cost around Rs 540
 If so, it will increase to Rs. 500 or more than the present tens of thousands
 That means 21,000 for a phone of 20,000 and so on
 With internet and mobile phones becoming an essential commodity, low cost phones should be avoided by under Rs 20,000.
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 NB: (10,080 (9000 + (12 X 9000) = 10,080) with 12% tax if base price is Rs.9000
 But 18% would be 10,620 (9000+ (0.18 * 9000) = 10620)
 The difference is Rs 540

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