Onplus 8 review knows

 8 with OnePlus 8 Pro

When released, it received a warm welcome .. The 8 got a better opinion than the Pro.  Essentially it looks like a step to the side compared to the OnePlus 7T.  But if it’s good, if it’s small, please update with that phone and we’ll look into the reasons for it when we welcome it into our review queue.
 First, let’s look at the retail package.  We’ve got a special media kit, which includes a few optional accessories – the beautiful Xi’an sandstone bumper case and the black nylon bumper case.
 The retail package includes a 30W charger, beef USB-C cable, and a clear case with the Never Set slogan on the back, as it is sent to OnePlus users.
 So let’s take a look at the OnePlus 8 compared to the OnePlus 8 Pro.  The screen of the OnePlus 8 Pro is large, high-res, high refresh rate, official dual IP68 water resistance, great battery and great cameras – a special telephoto and a large sensor
 The OnPlus 8 is priced at 41000 but the 8 Pro is at 52000.  It’s expected to be even more expensive in India, and that’s a good thing for OnPlus, which is cheaper than the iPhone SE.  Buying an 8pro is better than buying an Onplops 8pro.

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