Things you should know about using Android. Google brings new change

Google plans to change your smartphone in 2020 to get to know Android users

 Google has traditionally given a preview of its latest Android operating system at the annual developer conference in May.  The last version will reach users sometime in October.  Google, this time, has released a developer preview that hints at some of the new features that are coming to Android smartphones.  Here are a few of them set to change how people around the world use Android smartphones:

 * Chat on Android phones will be replaced with chat bubbles

 Google is set to bring the same feature to its messages, just like Facebook Messenger has chat bubbles.  Users can have multiple conversations with relative ease

 * It is easy to mark spam calls

 With Android 11, users can mark calls directly from the phone dialer app under spam or contacts

 * Sends images directly from the notification panel

 Soon, Android users will see a conversation tab on their notification panel.  Users can also send pictures directly from the notification panel.

 * Notifications are not affected when using the camera.

 On Android 11, Google is expected to introduce a feature that silences notifications when using the camera.

 * Support for 5G phones

 Android 11 5G phones will be supported as Google updates and improves existing connectivity APIs.

 * Special app support for foldable phones and punch-hole displays

 Apps on Android 11 will be optimized for foldable phones.  Additionally, punch-hole displays also get optimization for applications.

 * Increasing privacy and user data security

 Apple has received one-time permissions for apps with iOS 13.  Now Google expects to do this with Android 11.  Users will have the option to grant one-time access to applications to use location, camera and microphone.

 * Users can schedule Dark Mode on their phones

 With Android 11, users have the option to change the settings of the Dark Mode.  Depending on the time, there is an option to toggle the Dark Mode automatically.

 * Bluetooth connectivity to avoid trouble in flight mode

 Users have the option to use Bluetooth connected devices when the Flight Mode is on.

 * Improved touch sensitivity on smartphones

 At times – when wearing gloves – touch sensitivity is affected, but Android 11 users have the option to increase it.

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