This is what .. WhatsApp New Update 👌

WhatsApp Group expands video chats and can now talk to up to 8 members in a video call.
 In today’s social alienation world, there is often a need for some form of video conference to communicate with people for entertainment or work.  Microsoft and Google have their own platforms, but want to join the WhatsApp game.
 Facebook is planning to expand its group video chat functionality to up to 8 members.  The app is currently in beta, but testers on iOS and Android can download it.
 With the lock down, it is not possible to find people who need them right now
 Earlier this month, WhatsApp began offering 4 people video calls, and now plans to double the limit.  However, since the feature is still in beta, it will take some time to reach all users.  There is also a limitation of people using an older version, which may take care of the testing process.
 Considering how Facebook positioned WhatsApp as a messaging service for your best friends and family, the vast number of people probably allow more people to join in social outings, dinners and holidays.  The platform is now unlikely to try Zoom, Google Meat or Likes.

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