We made this tool to backup and share APK installed on devices

This application will extracts APK that are installed on your android device and copies them to My FilesInternal StorageApkBackup.
Apps Bow download and get apk  is an application that gives you the possibility to get the apk of the application installed on your smartphone, or share it with friends who may have a problem on their internet connection. So what are you waiting for this app, the box of your application will be collected in our application to facilitate the management and sharing of apk.ce contains a box for android app free or pay.
Get apk will Extract apk file from a list of installed apps in your mobile.
This app will show a list of all installed apps of your mobile. From which app you want to extract apk file, only you have to click on download icon. Your apk file will be extracted and placed in GetApk folder in internal memory. You can extract apks as many as you want.
> If you click on download icon of an app, apk file from that App will extract and by
default will save in GetApk folder in your mobile’s internal memory.
> If you click on Share button then sharing options will appea, that allows you to share
extracted apk with others.
> Home Screen shows list of all installed apps on your mobile.
> App provide two options on a single app. one for extract apk file from installed app
and save in your mobile’s internal storage. and second option is to share app via
bluetooth or other sharing mediums.

If you reset the factory settings, many large data applications that you have spend a lot of time loading from the store, or have to spend
A money or data 3G, 4G to recharge. Get apk will help you to backup the application easily
With one click, you have to back up the application and share their application extremely easy.

apt features:

+ Scans all applications on your phone.
+ The filtering system application and the application installed by the user
+ Quickly search installed app, download apk with one click
+ Share twitter, share facebook, share via email, share via bluetooth …

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