Alif Learning Islamic App

Alif, an App for Learning Islamic Fundamentals
Alif Islamic Learning helps you to learn basic Islamic lessons. In this App, we have arranged different types of learning materials. eg; Video Lessons, Text books, Animated videos, Games & Puzzles etc.
Whom Alif for?
Our prime focus is kids under the age of 16 years. But we have arranged contents for general users like college students, women etc.
Right now contents are available in English and Malayalam. Urdu contents will be added soon, In Shaa Allah.
Contents are prepared in Shafi school of jurisprudence (Madh’hab) right now. Other Madh’habs will be added soon.
Madrasah Guide is an application for madrasa teachers, students and parents.
Madrasah Guide is an application for madrasa teachers, students and parents. This application helps you to learn and understand the lessons provide for all divisions.Features :- Lessons, word meanings, Question paper
Madrasah Book 2019 Kerala Class 9 10 Madrasa Board submits ninth tenth grade textbook
Those students who want to do madrasa book download can use this madrasa book app. In this app all of the madrasa book pdf versions are available. SO, those who are seeking bd madrasa book, can try this one. In this digital world bangla madrasa book should not only be on hardcopy, these should also be on smartphone. Hence this app caotains books of madrasa board to aid students. Using this app you can easily read madrasha textbook

all the time. If you prefer to read offline you can download madrasa pdf textbook. We have provided the nctb madrasa book and dakhil quran book, so qawmi madrasa book is not available here. You’ll find  madrasa all book but no guide book. Knowledge is the power. And book is the main source of knowledge. SO use Sunni book pdf to increase your knowledge.We have provided all the dakhil book 2018 and madrasa book alim. Madrasa textbook.
The ‘Everything Islam’ app has been developed for both, Muslims and Non-MuslimsThe ‘Everything Islam’ app has been developed for both, Muslims and Non-Muslims and is an excellent resource to have on your phone. Whether you want to find out more info about Islam or just simply want to listen to Qur’an, this app has it all. Everything Islam – The Mega Islam App!
Read articles such as ‘What is Islam’, ‘Who is Allah’, ‘Who is Muhammad (pbuh)’, the True Religion of God, Woman’s rights, how to convert/revert to Islam, Quranic Miracles and much more.Listen to Live Qur’an Radio in Arabic or with English Translation or you can download each sura for offline listening. Each sura contains in introduction and background of the sura.Watch movies such as ‘The Message’ – The story of Islam or an Animated cartoon- ‘Muhammad – The Last Prophet’Watch documentaries such as ‘How The Bible Led Me To Islam’, The Hereafter Series, Learn how to pray and much more.Listen to Islamic audio lectures on the seera of the prophet.Too much content to list, download the app and explore it for yourself.


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