Camera & Microphone Blocker

Camera & Microphone Blocker is a free application that blocks both internal and external attempts to open your device’s camera and/or microphone. ShieldApps’ Camera and Microphone Blocker provides a user-friendly solution, designed to easily block and protect your phone from unwanted privacy intrusion and abuse. The simple interface is easy to use and allows the user to choose settings. Android devices’ users can block either-or camera and microphone. The home screen button will display the current status, either Blocked or Unblocked. 
While the Camera & Microphone Blocker is on, when a user hits the camera button, he or she will get a message that Camera is disabled by a security policy. A similar message is received when a user tries to turn on the voice recorder. However, ordinary phone call conversations will not be affected

Secure your camera, microphone and location best anti hack and anti spyware tool

About Anti spy
Don’t let anyone hack you and watch youanymore.
If you always feel like someone watching you and someone spying you. If you have some private moments and you want to disable your device cam or mic this app is perfect for you.
You can block your camera, block your microphone and block your location and no app can use them anymore!
Or even when spy apps try to use your camera or microphone, you can notice by notification. Just like that tiny light next to your laptop camera.

1. You can block your camera.
2. You can block your microphone.
3. This app will alert you, when camera is being used.
4. This app will alert you, when microphone is being used.
5. Create fake location.
6. Get alert when camera or microphone is being used and screen is off, by notification LED.
7. You can see all apps with camera, microphone and location access and you can remove them if you think it’s spy app.

This app uses the Device Administrator permission. (this permission allows app to disable your camera.)Camera & Microphone Blocker Features
Camera Blocker – Blocks general access to the camera from both installed apps and any external attempts.  Microphone Blocker – Effectively Blocks microphone usage, limiting it to phone calls and blocking out all external attempts as well.
This app uses the Device Administrator permission

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