Essential Emoji companion app – look up the meaning of any Emoji from any app

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Check the meaning of any Emoji from any app anytime  It’s like learning a new language.

✔ Easy to use. Just select the Emoji and within a few clicks you will have the meaning.
✔ Built in Emoji Dictionary with over 2600 emoji translated definitions.
✔ Reference for all dictionary categories and subcategories.
✔ Ability to search for Emojis by Emoji character or text.
✔ Tags to link related Emojis / Emoticon
✔ Learn today and express your new Emoji language tomorrow.
✔ Like an Emoji, then save it to favourites and recall later.
✔ Great for conversations. Replace words and sentences with Emojis.
✔ Ability to copy the Emoji to the clipboard.
✔ Share to friends your Emojis as normal or big (HD / large stickers).
✔ Share to friends the meaning of the Emoji.
✔ Translate words to Emojis or Emojis to words.
✔ Includes the latest Unicode V10.0 with Emoji V5.0 as seen in 2018 Oreo.
✔ Supports KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat and the latest Oreo operating systems.
✔ Improve your social networking by understanding Emojis sent from friends.
✔ Impress your friends by sending new emojis you never knew the meaning of.
✔ Full video showing how it works for meaning lookup, dictionary and translation.
✔ Help system to show you how to look up and use the app.
✔ If your device is old then the app will show you the newer Emojis available.
✔ Each Emoji is displayed as latest Android Oreo style Emojis.
✔ Ability to set back as default device image style Emojis.
✔ Includes Unicode character hexadecimal values.
✔ Works with your favourite apps such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger etc.
✔ The best emoji translator.
✔ Lookup an Emoji (Emoticon) Meaning from the keyboard context menu.
✔ Can copy and paste emojis with the keyboard menu.
✔ Works with all Emoji Keyboards.

All 2018 Unicode Emojis / Emoticons  included and categorised for your dictionary reference, searching and translation.

 Smileys & People
  Animals & Nature
 Food & Drink
 Travel & Places
⚽  Activities
 Objects
 Symbols
 Flags


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