Flip DND Mode App

Flip phone to shush!
Focus on your life not your phone! Flip phone to shhh (or shush)..
NEW: Faster switching times (less than 2 seconds), Dark theme
It’s that simple. Just flip your phone screen down, wait 2 seconds and get no more distractions. Pick it up and immediately become available again. 
Minimal battery impact and super simple to use.
You can limit interruptions with “Do not disturb” mode.
It can open “Do not disturb” mode on devices where it’s hidden.
You can limit interruptions with “Do not disturb” mode. This mode mutes your device so that it doesn’t make sounds or vibrate when you don’t want it to. You can also block visual disturbances.
For example, you can use “Do not disturb” to:
Automatically limit sounds at night or during eventsMute interruptions other than alarms, so you wake up on timeGet alerted to calls and messages only from favorite contacts
Automatically silence your device by defining profiles for times, places, etc…
Auto Do Not Disturb is an automatic device silencer that can switch your device’s ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode (Marhsmello+) and/or ringer mode (Normal, Vibrate, Silent mode) based upon the time, events in your calendar, your current location and/or the Wi-Fi network you are connected to.
The app is highly configurable and optimised for low battery usage. With Auto Do Not Disturb your phone will automatically go into silent mode when you desire, and exit silent mode when you no longer require it – meaning no longer will you miss a phone call because you had forgotten to turn off silent mode!
Features:• Compatible with Android Pie• Setup custom profiles that specify when your deviceshould be silent, or loud, etc…• Priorities can be set to profiles to allow higher priority profiles to override lower priority ones• Location, Wi-Fi and Time constraints can be configured for profiles• Calendar events can be used as time constraints for profiles• Temporary device silencing for when you need to quickly put your phone on silent ‘for the next 5 minutes’ on the go• Supports changing the device’s ringer mode – Silent, Vibrate, etc…• Supports changing the device’s ‘Do Not Disturb’ setting – Priority only, total silence, alarms only, etc…• Supports, when a profile deactivates, reverting the ringer mode and/or the ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode back to the value they were previous to the profile’s activation• Compatible with android devices from 4.4+ (Kitkat)• Beautiful and simple user interface• Low battery usage – Achieved via efficient handling of location polling and evidenced via real world testing, in addition background battery usage can be almost completely eliminated by specifying both a location and a Wi-Fi network for a profile (And requiring only one to be correct, not both, for the profile to activate)• Contains settings that advanced users can tweak to optimize their experience with the app
Example usage: You can specify that when you’re at work you want your phone on vibrate and when you’re at home overnight on weekdays that you want your phone to be put into ‘Priority Only Do Not Disturb’ mode – This mode is a part of Android Marshmello+ which allows you to specify ‘priority’ notifications to receive and even has support for calls to only ring if they dial twice.
In-App you can purchase Premium. Premium users have adverts removed and the ability to create and enable more profiles than non-premium users can.
Device compatibility:This app is compatible with almost all devices running android 4.4+, however some features may not work properly on phones with hardware-mute-switches (Such as on OnePlus devices where with some device/OS versions the switch completely overrides all attempts to change the current silencing mode via software). In the case of a device with a hardware mute switch try downloading the app whilst running the latest version of the operating system and seeing what does and does not work.

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