How to Get Notified When Someone Comes Online in Whatsapp

watsonline from A.S. Watson Benelux makes collaboration and knowledge sharing easy with all colleagues from Kruidvat, Trekpleister, Prijsmepper, ICI PARIS XL, Supply Chain , e-Fulfilment center and offices. With this app you can easily and quickly find your colleagues, find and share information, respond to messages, see what time you have to work, what your balances are, what is happening within our company and much more.
watsonline is available 24/7 on iOS, Android and Mac. So no matter where you are and what device you use, you always have access to relevant work-related information and you can keep in touch with colleagues.
In watsonline you will find the following useful functions;
   •  Your work schedule: an overview of when and how late you have to work. You see both your personal and the affiliate schedule.
   •  Your balances: how many

hours did you work and how many holiday and compensation hours did you have.
   •  Chat function: a conversation with one or more colleagues who are online.

Product information.
    • Store information, such as an overview of posted emergency and daily reports.
    • View job openings within the company.
    • Show and find expertise.
    • Share photos / videos with your colleagues.
    • Good search function that searches in all messages and documents.
    • Pin messages so you can quickly access those messages that you find important.
Download the Watsonline app now and stay informed of what is happening within our company.


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