How to install kali nethunter in android phone

All tutorials are precisely and attractively designed to make it easier for you to learn. All the steps in this tutorial are very easy to learn and follow.

** Features in this app

* Illustration step by step in each tutorial
* Attractive Design
* All Topics with Screenshots
* Offline Quiz
* Kali Linux tutorial complete from beginner to expert
* All OFFLINE tutorials, can be used without the need for internet connection
* You can Play offline Quiz
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** Topics Covered in this App are Listed Below

* What is Kali Linux ?
* Installation and Configuration
* Information Gathering Tools
* Vulnerability Analyses Tools
* Wireless Attacks
* Website Penetration Testing
* Exploitation Tools
* Forensics Tools
* Social Engineering
* Stressing Tools
* Password Cracking Tools
* Maintaining Access
* Reverse Engineering
* Reporting Tools
* Linux deployed
* Airmon ng
* Linux books free
* Kali Linux free books
* Zote kali
* Kali Linux Tutotial 2019

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