Image to PDF Converter – An application to convert images to pdf

Steps to use:

1. Select image/images from gallery with + icon.

2. Deselect unwanted images by long pressing on it.

3. Convert to Pdf.

4. View list of all created PDF.

5. Open the PDF with any PDF viewer/editor.

6. Share or delete the pdf by long pressing the file in the list.


Online pdf reader has the best function of sharing the pdf edited file with anyone by using wifi function. You can share pdf files with anyone and can print pdf files easily. Online pdf editor helps you in copying the text from pdf files and making it the best pdf editor. Pdf viewer copy texts, zoom file and edit pdf pages.
• Pdf viewer can open any kind of pdf files on your smart phone.
• Online pdf creator stores all the edited files in one folder on your smart phone.
• This pdf reader has simple interface.
• Pdf printer helps you to print pdf files directly without any hindrance
• Pdf app helps you to access all the pdf files and provide sharing pdf files facility over wifi making it the best pdf viewer app.
• Pdf viewer and book reader can be used to rea and view pdf files be it ebooks, journals, tutorials or other documents.
• Pdf creator and pdf editor has the best function of search. Type any word and text in search bar and it will search it in all pdf files making it easy for you to read.
• Highlight anything on the pdf file with this best pdf viewer and pdf editor app.
With these all amazing features, this is one of the best pdf viewer and book reader application for your smart phone for any pdf file. Pdf reader is lite and easy to download. Download pdf editor and make your smartphone the best pdf creator and free pdf editor.

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