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Motor Vehicles Department established by the Government of Kerala for the purpose of carrying into effect the provisions made under the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, considering the development and changes in the Road Transport Technology, Pattern of passenger and freight movements, development of road networks in the state and particularly the improved techniques in the motor vehicles management

SMART MOVE – is the software developed by the National Informatics Center under the requirement put forward by the Motor Vehicles Department, Kerala. The power of the software is that fees, tax, cess, and application related to driving license, conductor license, transport & non-transport vehicles, permits, driving school licenses can be accepted at any counters provided in the Regional/Sub Regional Transport Offices. The citizen arriving office need not search for various counters for various services. Various Check Posts under the department are powered by SMART MOVE- CHECK POST another software developed by NIC by the requirement of Motor Vehicles Department, Kerala. Here all services required by vehicle owners/drivers rendered within a minute!

ECIL Ltd has provided the necessary infrastructure on BOOT basis.

Kerala State IT Mission provided connectivity between various offices through KSWAN.

You can have a Learners License mock test through this site.
You You can gather information about any vehicle registered in the State of Kerala.
Driving License details can be viewed and the status of the application submitted by you can be watched online.
Using the Tax Calculation you can find the amount due to your vehicle.
A  vehicle dealer can upload data of a new vehicle to concerned registering authorities where ever KSWAN connectivity is available which facilitate error free data and speedy generation of registration certificate.


Any counter any service system is started in some  offices

  •     In which a citizen can approach of any counter for various services like renewal of Driving
  •     License to Application for a permit. In addition Morning and Evening Counter is functioning
  •     Some offices which starts 8.00 AM to 7.00 PM.
  •     A Help Desk is functioning in major offices to assist the public. :- CLICK HERE

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