Net Master Optimizer App

Net Booster provides you faster internet and online game experienceNet Booster provides you a better internet connection experience. Scan DNS connections around you. Selects and connects with the lowest ping time.Using Net Booster;– You can have faster web experience speed with a faster response time.– You can reduce the ping time. This can help to fix some delays in games.– With one tap, you can connect to the fastest of the DNS servers around you to strengthen your connection. This will reduce your internet page loading time.-Net Booster works on both mobile data (3G / 4G / 5G) and WiFi connectivity.How does Net Booster work?First, it sends a ping to some predefined DNS servers. It then compares these servers in terms of ping times. Finally, your connection optimization is best connected to the DNS server via the VPN Channel. As a result, there will be no change in the download and upload speed of your Internet, but your web page upload time can be greatly reduced.


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