Official Kerala Police App. A Smart initiative from Kerala Police.

The official Kerala Police App is a digital initiative to give the common public easy access to all our services. More intuitive services will be soon added to this in short time.Our aim is to facilitate easier access to citizens to the services provided by the department.

Kerala Police Dial A Cop – Search and Find a Police Officer

Kerala Police has come up with a unique idea of implementing a mobile application for the quick reach of users to a Police Officer or a Office with in a finger touch. The app is developed in house by the software development team of kerala police Information Communication and Technology Centre.

“Dial A Cop” an official app from Kerala Police

kerala Police Dial a Cop Provides the Following Utility  to the Users

1) kerala Police Dial a Cop :- Search and Find a Police Officer/Office Contact of Kerala Police.
     (Landphone,Mobile Number,Email, VPN)

2) kerala Police Dial a Cop :- Nearest Police Stations

     Through Dial a Cop Users can get the nearest Police Station and Navigate to that
     Police station with the help of GPS.

3) kerala Police  Dial a Cop :- Closed User Group Utility

   This app provides a unique utility that will help to find a particular police officers
    number of Kerala police .

4) kerala Police Dial a Cop :- True Cop

   True Cop is another utility of the app that will automatically provide details of the
    officer in kerala police who is calling to the users mobile (If the call is from an official number)

5) kerala Police Dial a Cop :- Sharing of Contact

   Users can share the contacts in this app via SMS , email , whatsapp etc.

6) kerala Police  Dial a Cop :- Emergency Contact of kerala Police
    Users can access to the list of Emergency Contacts which would most help full in
    a panic situations.

7) kerala Police Dial a Cop:-  Favorite

    Users can add the frequently using contact to Favorite list so that to reduce time
     searching and finding a particular contact of kerala police in an emergency situations

9) Kerala Police Dial a Cop :- Push Notifications

    The new version of Dial a Cop give push notification to the public (Traffic Alert,Missing persons, Most Wanted Persons etc).

10) Kerala Police Dial a Cop:- Sharing of Text data Through Dial a Cop

      Now users can share text data to contact in Dial a Cop

11) Kerala Police Dial A Cop :- CUG Profile Verification

We are so eager to hear from you for this base version of the services and appreciate your willingness to wait for the more features which is coming soon. Kerala Police believe in citizen safety and the future services will allow the users to be a part of a vigilant community along with us by contributing towards safety & security.


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