Phone Camera Zooming Military Binoculars App

Binocular Camera: The Military Binoculars with Optical Zoom & Night Vision
Use your Smartphone as a Military Binocular and see your enemy from far away before they see you. Additional you can turn on the Night Vision Mode with the Binocular Goggles Button. Touch on the screen to light up the Night with the Flashlight function. 
Military Binocular is the perferct multi-functional Binocular Night Vision Camera App for every Smartphone used within Military Operations.
The best military binoculars simulated!!!
Military Binoculars is the perfect app to have a army binoculars simulator in your device, just like professionals ones in the military, showing several information over the screen (OSD).
Cool features:- Zoom effect with real sound- Artificial Horizon (like included inaircrafts)- Heading indicator (real magnetic compass information)- Horizontal and Vertical Inclination – Turn on/off flashlight
The quality of the images depends of your mobile photographic camera lens.
Enjoy the military binoculars!
Zoom the faraway objects and make it visible.Binoculars Zoom HD Camera (PHOTO and VIDEO)  is the zoom camera which make the faraways objects visible. you can keep eye on someone so far from you, No need to carry on the big telescope or binoculars,,, its now  available in your cell phone.Features:1) High Resolution HD Camera
2) Photo and Video Camera
3) Having the facility of the brightness balance
4) Gallery and image previewer
5) Front camera and Rear Camera
6) Epic color layout
7) Sharing the imagesPermissions:
We do not get any information of user:
1) Having storage permission which give the permission to save or read the images from gallery.
2) Camera permission, Camera permission is required for camera preview.
3) Audio permission : is use for video mode audio recording
4) Billing and Internet Permission: this permission is used for in app purchase.So be free to use the Application without any tension. If you have any query or suggestion


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