Real girlfriend search and whatsapp numbers. Download now!

Real girlfriend search and whatsapp prank numbers. Download now!

Hello users, Our app Girls mobile number for WhatsApp prank provides you a huge list of pranking numbers for fun! we have added many demo girls images and whatsapp numbers that are not real but registered on whatsapp by us and you can show it to your friends saying that you have a girlfriend online. this app is made for pranking friends. you can easily fool your friends and have fun by showing girls on your whatsapp contact list. there are lots of people who are looking for real girls phone numbers and cute desi girls and desi bhabhi mobile number but is a private thing and you will not get it. here we are not promoting that type of any friendship or dating activity but a really fun way to prank your friends. you can brag about your girlfriend’s list on your friend’s circle and enjoy the time. many students and boys also search for real call girls mobile numbers and female contacts who use whatsapp and facebook for friendship, online dating and girlfriend boyfriend making but with our app you will get a very easy way to prank your friends online.

We have added many girls mobile phone numbers and WhatsApp numbers that are handled by our team and we do not chat with you. you will get a default autoreply so you can show it to your friends as a proof that your online girlfriend is replying you. this will be a fun activity when hanging out with friends so start sharing the app and prank with your friends!

Chat with girls – real prank with friends!

Hello friends, this is my first app that will let you play a prank with friends of real girls WhatsApp numbers. you can tell your friends you have a girlfriend who chats with you and you found your girlfriend online. you can send a message to our given number and you will get a replay from our bot! enjoy pranking with your friends and be a super cool dude with lots of real girls mobile phone numbers. you can also get any bhabhi numbers from your area or another country also, we are slowly adding new features in the app soon and you will be able to chat with real girls in future but right now it is a prank app.

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Note: all the numbers given in the app is only for prank and not real numbers of any live person on the earth. we are handling that numbers and we do not provide any friendship or dating services in this app. it is just a prank app. enjoy!


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