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‘Smart Kannur’ is a multi faceted android application for Kannur.Glinjos launches its new invention namely SMART KANNUR before you and has well-designed,improved performance and added lots of features to it.Information related to every essentially that we go after in our daily life will be made available to you instantly and accurately through this App. -K.S.R.T.C /private bus details-Movies running in theaters-Train details-Business/Commercial center details-Events talking over there-Details of running programs-Market values-Tourist spots in Kannur-Important Contacts-Open Blood bank-Daily news updates-Virtual Shoppingand moreOur prompt updating of info at every passing of the clock needles, will keep SMART KANNUR the newest for you, on your screen!The android mobile application SMART KANNUR is making its way over here in a single touch.We are intended to provide our customer with great convenience,better customer service and much more.


Kannur Varthakal – All Kannur jilla varthakal, Download Kannur Varthakal app
Kannur district derived its name from the location of its headquarters at Kannur town. The old name ‘Cannanore’ is the anglicized form of the Malayalam word Kannur. According to one opinion, ‘Kannur’ is a derivation from Kanathur.
kannur varthakal provides latest news from Kannur District, Download kannur varthakal to read all kannur varthakal on time.
kannur varthakal whatsapp group and kannur varthakal app help our readers to all latest news from kannur jilla.
Kannur Varthakal serve all kannur District news to our readers with out Geo boundaries.

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