Video to photo Converter Edit App

Get Photos from Video at any time or intervals.
Video to Photo app is  perfect moments from videos in simple steps.
The best photo maker: video to photo editor with video converter for musics
Video to photo Editor app is used to get and convert particular and perfect moments from recorded videos and plays gallery videos in simple steps. 
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Amazing Features:
* Instant Capture photo of specific moments while video is playing in Video to Photo.* Very Fast Video to Photo Maker speed for Video to Photo.* Latest UI Design in Videoto Photo.* User friendly UI in Video to Photo.* Save Video to Photo converter files in Customized Destination Folder.* Video to Photo is the easiest way to create, edit and share amazing videos and stories with your photos.* With several steps, selecting photos, adding filters, maker, instantly, converter make your own video.
          1 . Instant Auto Capture (Time Intervals) photo of specific moments while video is playing.          2 .  Very Fast Video to Photo converter speed.           3 .  Save your Video to Photo converter files in Sdcard Folder.          4.   Video to photo Converter app works in two types: 1. Time Intervals . 2. Time Capture Photos .


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