You can send a wiping message on WhatsApp

If you Want to send Secret Message in facebook WhatsApp or in the mail or anywhere then this app will help you to perform this job.
Create secure one-time self-destructing notes message to send private information with simple short URLs.

If you send pics and message using links with password then that message will not be stored in WhatsApp or Facebook server.
Using this app you can send Onetime private message that auto destroys in 1 hour 2 hour 24 hour or in 7 days or as per your selected option.
You can use this service to send images text. If you send any photos or pictures to your friends then it autosaves in the gallery.
so this type of service will stop such autosaves in phone gallery.
You only need to attach the photo and set a password and send a message.
Secure your sensitive and private information and remove it from your traceable email and chat logs. secure it with password
Website : CLICK HERE

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