Youtube channel monetization new rules 2019

If your YouTube channel meets these demands then you are able to make money (reach the following threshold): Your channel must have at least 1000 subscribers. Your channels must be viewed at least 4,000 hours of watch time over the past 12 months.

Nowadays YouTube has became the largest platform to upload videos . YouTube creators are creating new videos & sharing with the world.For this YouTube is paying creators some money that depends on various factors

It is true that YouTube pays creators for uploading their content but how does YouTube earn money ?
We all know the answer to this question , we watch videos on YouTube & also sometimes we have to watch Ads along with the videos & YouTube earns money from these Ads.
But where does this money YouTube gets from?
YouTube earns this money from Google Ad-sense . Ad-sense is an advertising companythat pays YouTube for showing ads on it’s videos. As of current situation YouTube keeps 45% of the advertising money pays 55% of advertising moneyto YouTube Creators whose Ad-sense has been enabled by Google.Every Channel doesn’t gets it’s Monetization enabled by Google Ad-sense.

History of Monetization on YouTube Channel
Few years before if a creator wanted to earn money using YouTube it was very easy for him . Creators just needed to apply for enabling monetization on their channel & it got enabled without any minimum requirements . Because of this wrong content got viral on YouTubeas creators uploaded anything to earn money . Then You-tube changed it’s policies that a channel should first complete 10,000 views on it’s videos to enable monetization. This threshold was also achieved by some inappropriate channels by click baits & by showing inappropriate videos like soft porn& other such stuff . After that companies refused to display their ads on such Inappropriate videos .Then for cleaner YouTube, YouTube introduced dollar symbolon YouTubewhich changed it’s color from green to yellow or cross dollar sign to mark a video as inappropriate according to it’s subject .

After this Youtubegot cleaner as monetization of inappropriate YouTube channels got disabled . But still the threshold of 10,000 views was very easy to achieve . So YouTube changed it’s monetization policies in Jan 2018.

New YouTube monetization policies are as follows :-
Now monetization will be enabled on the basis of watch time rather than views . The Channel needs to have an annual watch timeof 4000 hours & also 1000 subscribers to enable monetization.
This sounds to be a very big threshold to complete , Right!!!
But it isn’t so.Imagine you are making videos each video is of 5 min.Let’s assume that people watch the whole video so you just need 48,000 views on that video to enable monetization . In second scenario let’s assume that people view your video for only 2.5 min then you need 96,000 views . Now talking about the subscribers threshold isn’t that possible if 96,000 people view your video 1% of them will subscribe to your channel? You’ll easily get nearly 1,000 subscribers.

Some points to be noted are that Youtubepays you based on number of views on your videos but for enabling monetization watch time is taken into consideration.Also the revenue from each view varies on various factors . Revenue is more if your videos are being watched in developed countries like USA,UK compared to developing countries.Also revenue rates go higher during different time periods say Flipkart Big Billion Days are ongoing then the YouTube revenue will be more compared to normal days
One important thing to be noted is that your YouTube revenue will be transferred to your bank account only after you earn $100 in your Ad-sense account.
Also after you get $10 in your ad-sense account you have to enter your address & other credentials which gets verified later.

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