Things to watch out for when buying AC in this summer heat!

1. Select the AC to look at the room size.  If you put a large AC in a small room, it can cost you extra cold and health problems.  It is best to buy an AC with a capacity of less than 100 sq. Ft. For a room up to 100-140 sq. Ft. For a room up to 180 sq. M.

 2. Save the cost of electricity by buying a star rated AC or inverter AC.  3 star inverter AC consumes less power than standard 5 star AC.

 3.Star and buy the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) official seal.

 4. Select AC with Copper Conditioner.  These are durable.  The efficiency is also high.  ACs with alloy condenser can be easily damaged.

 5.Make sure the service is complete.  After installation of the AC you may have to rely on the service center for any problems.  So choose a brand that has a close service center and offers excellent service support.

 6. Don’t buy AC just for cheap.  Materials used, sound, and ease of cleaning should also be considered.  The brand has great importance in terms of AC quality.

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